Thursday, June 7, 2007

to blog or not to blog...

that is the question.

well, apparently i've already answered it, as this is my first blog post. however, i do not know:
(a) how long this blog will last... sustainability?
(b) how often i will update it, if i do indeed begin blogging
(c) who, if anyone, except me that is, would read it
(d) what to write inside it

i suppose in answer to (d), it would be mostly to tell about my work in SU so that readers (if there are any) can pray for me, especially as my so-called prayer newsletter has been dead and unsent since the beginning of 2007. and also to just jot down any interesting happenings or thoughts i might experience, which i think will be few and far between (my life's not that interesting...heheh). as for (a), (b) and (c), only time will tell...

well, if (d) is what i'm going to do, i might as well start off by saying that i've just had two scf camps over the past 2 weekends... the first one, bukit mewah scf camp, was at the methodist centre in port dickson and will forever be remembered as the camp where i lost my wedding ring. my own stupid fault, for wearing it into the sea. anyway, it wasn't a total loss as the campers could watch my wife and i combing the beach for it over the next day and a half. so i ended up making it into a sort of parable, where i told them that they were far more precious to God than my ring was to me; and if i searched like that for my ring, just imagine how God's searching for them, and how would they respond to Him?

the second one, sri permata scf camp, was at seminari teoloji malaysia in seremban. it was a good camp. the difference between the culture of this cf group and the previous one was interesting. they were noisier, prone to making fun of each other's lame jokes by going 'ha ha ha' in unison, and just... different. maybe it's a pj thing? anyway i stayed up too late on the last night and am paying for it now with a chesty cough. so that's my first prayer request right there: please pray for a speedy recovery. it's no fun being sick. =)

right. that's pretty long already. i will now proceed to ignore the existence of this poor, newborn blog until the urge to post re-emerges. hopefully sometime this century.

p.s. if u happen to read this, do leave a comment. this is so that:
1. i know that there are actually people who read this stuff
2. i can interact with you
3. you can ask questions or whatever
4. you can make suggestions
re no. 4, this blogging thing is totally new to me (in spite of the fact that a certain member of my family is somthing of a celebrity in the blogosphere) so feel free to suggest improvements. which i might try if they aren't too difficult to implement. thanks, all my presently-imaginary-because-no-one-has-read-this-yet readers! =)

p.p.s this post was copied wholesale from at suggestions from 3 out of 4 (that's 75%) of the no-longer-imaginary-readers of that blog.

p.p.p.s sooner or later, either this blog, that blog, or both will die. let's see what happens. =)


irene said...

Dude. This template is sooooooo ugly la! :P

siehjin said...

why, thank you! i always appreciate people who share my fine artistic taste =) it's as beautiful as a rothko, wouldn't u say? =P

the other templates looked -common-. i'd seen other blogs with those templates. therefore, i chose this one. not being blessed/cursed with your acute sense of aesthetics, it doesn't look that bad to me =)

kim said...

jin... welcome to the world of blogging! just leaving a comment to let you know that i've been here, hehe! and that i'm still alive and kicking... *winks*

and yes, i have to agree with irene... the colour is 'too artistic' for my liking!! :P

hope you don't get accused of blog negligence like me, hehe!! enjoy blogging... you always have so many stories to share, where got nothing to write wan???

erm, suggestion... to select the option whereby comments page is in a separate pop-up window... that way, readers can still read other stuff on your blog while waiting for the comment 'page' to load... *winks* see my blog for example, or just ask your sis?? hehe!!

siehjin said...

ok la, ok la! only two blog readers, both say very ugly, that's 100% of my readership. therefore, i admitted defeat and changed the template. hope it looks better now =)

i changed the comments thingy already too. heheh. quite fun also ah this blogging thing. wonder if it still will be when the novelty wears off tho. =)

wat's yr blog, kim? do u mean the friendster one? how come i don't seem to be notified anymore when ppl update their friendster blogs?

irene said...

Oooh waaaay better ;)

kim said...

yes, agreed... waaayyy better!!! *winks* and thanks for taking note of the comments thing =)

haha, blogging is quite fun to begin with, but it's quite hard to maintain, hence ur talking to the one who's been accused of blog negligence... for not posting for like what, a week?? =S

jin, in response to your question of what my blog is... just scroll over my name in this comment or any other comments, click on my name... it should bring you to my profile, there u will find the link to my blog... hehehe!! it's a bit of a 'longer' process... but it'll give u some exercise, man!! (which u might need??) *winks*

kim said...

oh ya... by the way... my friendster blog has the link to my new blog address la... hehehe!! if u look carefully... it's there!! *winks*

so... whichever way u please then... =) feel free to leave comments while ur there! cheerio!

Charis said...

jin, i must be your 3rd reader? :-P i've added a link to your blog from my webpage as well.

siehjin said...

yay, charis! another reader! =) welcome to my humble and still very new blog...

Tan said...

The parable of you and your wife searching for the ring though not entirely original..Jesus got to it first:p with the woman and the coins..still is very powerful...requesting permission to use it in my sharing:)

siehjin said...

kim: hv visited yr blog, tho i didn't leave any comments. =)

charis: u linked to me? i'm flattered =) welcome to the blog! =D

guojeng: ya, i know it's not entirely original... but this was in real life, actually happening in front of the campers. making it that much more powerful. also, in the end i didn't find it! =P go ahead n use it in yr sharing. i'm honoured to have contributed. =)

lisathetan said...

Wow! 11comments! you're practically a celeb blogger! hahahaa...and yes, we all really miss u and dear ol' chen may...sniff sniff...

Anonymous said...

hi there,

nice to meet u. my name is joshua.

i was one who happen to read your blog.

i don't have a standalone blog but one that's in

glad to know that u r involved in prison ministry.

siehjin said...

welcome, lisa and joshua =)

lisa: just slightly less than half of those 11 comments are by me. in other words, tipu punya celebrity. =P

joshua: went to check out your site =) advance congrats on the upcoming wedding! u should be feeling pretty stressed around now... haha =P