Tuesday, July 24, 2007

what was and what will be

taiping was great! =)

our hosts in taiping were the brothers lim, both doctors, who have their houses side by side with a corridor connecting the two. their hospitality was simply wonderful. and one of the best things about it was that i got to know ern wei, chien wei, yew wei and fern yi (the older brother's children). another good thing was that i got to read 'the rest of the robots' by isaac asimov...=)

in terms of ministry, we had a good time at each of the meetings. i feel that we could do better though, with more experience. there were various aspects that could have been improved. nevertheless, all went well and i'm thankful =)

that was 'what was', now for 'what will be':

tomorrow night i'm having a young writers' camp meeting. we only have 4 campers, and the camp is next month! please PRAY!!!

this thursday i'll be having breakfast with a camper who's left secondary school and is now in a college in kl.

this friday i'll be speaking at an SCF in Seremban... and it's a free topic again! aiyoyo...

and this sunday i'll be going to kajang for prison ministry.

till the next post... =)

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