Monday, September 17, 2007

Nienie's New Nesting-place

Nienie, for those of you who don't know, is a friend of mine from PPBC. she's flying off to Sheffield, UK this thursday to begin studying for a double degree in (if i'm not mistaken) Business and Korean Language. way to go, nienie! =)

so last saturday evening found The Wife and i in Sungai Buloh, where Nick and Stacy (more PPBC people) hosted a Farewell for her. it could be summarized as: good food, good friends, good conversations, and good-byes. ironically, the Farewell was something of a reunion for The Wife and i, as we have not had the opportunity to enjoy regular fellowship with our friends from PPBC.

[PPBC stands for People's Park Baptist Church, the church in PJ which i attended before the Wife and I were married and settled in Seremban.]

whenever i go for farewells like these, this chorus always plays in my head:
and friends are friends forever
if the Lord's the Lord of them
and a friend will not say 'never'
'cos the welcome will not end
well, it's hard to let you go
but in the Father's hands we know
that a lifetime's not too long
to live as friends.

after the farewell, we stayed over at Nick and Stacy's (they probably won't read this, but we're really thankful for their hospitality). and the next day, we attended service at PPBC. There, i made a short announcement to let them know what i've been up to, and to thank them for their prayers and financial support.

later in the evening, we went for a walk/jog at gasing hill with a bunch of youth, mostly from PPBC. and many questions were asked about sex and BGR there, heheh. all in all, it was an excellent weekend and we really appreciate the friendship of all the people we managed to reconnect with.

back to nienie: it is the end of a wonderful, well-lived chapter in her life. now she's moving on to a new, exciting chapter; to unfold in a strange land, with new friends and experiences to be discovered! but best of all, we know that God will continue to be with her as she embarks on this journey. Amen.


p.s. this is totally unrelated, but i have a SCF meeting in PJ this friday and Prison Ministry on sunday. simultaneously, the call-up exercise to update our SCF database is ongoing, i am closing accounts and post-camp stuff for YWC, and we are in the midst of preparing for our end-year camps. please pray for us! Gloria in excelsis Deo!

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