Tuesday, February 26, 2008

i'm so old...

yes, i am. twenty-six years old, to be exact. i'm now on to the second quarter of a century... heheh

my birthday was last week... on the 19th of february. we were having a staff team meeting that day, so we celebrated birthdays together for all staff born from january-june. there was a nice pandan sponge cake, which jojo enhanced with chocolate sauce and frosting...mmmm!=D

then i went home, and my wife baked me a Birthday Biscuit!

yes, that's right, a Biscuit, not a boring, normal, ordinary cake. she didn't have baking powder, so it couldn't rise to become a cake... hahaha. and it was a very nice-tasting Biscuit, too... with my name on it in raisins! =)

here's a pic of the wonderful Birthday Biscuit (and that purple thing is a blueberry-flavoured candle that had the honour of suddenly being whisked into the role of Birthday Candle):

and here's a pic of me cutting the Birthday Biscuit:

so, what's it like to be another year older? to tell the truth, it feels more-or-less the same. no trumpets, no fanfare, no sudden increase in wisdom... and i haven't really had time to stop and reflect much. but in the short times of reflections i've been able to steal away here and there, i'm heartily thankful to God for His goodness and faithfulness to me these 26 years (and beyond). indeed, His blessings overflow in abundance and His love endures forever.

God is good, yes? =) so, many thanks to Him; and to The Wife who made my first Married Man's Birthday a memorable one; and also to all of you who so kindly wished me a Happy Birthday! =)


Christina said...

Finally a mugshot of the b'day biscuit ;) All it needs is a big glass...er... make that a basin of milk!

Anonymous said...

wah...is such a BIG BISCUIT!! hahaha... hope it taste nice too =p hahahaha... wat a sweet couple yea.
eh...That candle...looks very very familiar.....


siehjin said...

hahaha... yeah, it's a great biscuit alright! =)

thanks for commenting... =P

Tris said...

Just like my dream cake...haha..but the 2nd photo is bad influence to younger kids... :D