Monday, March 30, 2009

Save the blog!!!

here i am, typing out a (supposedly) shortandsnappy blog post, in order to save the blog from the ignominy (that's one of those words for which i do not know the exact meaning, having never checked the dictionary, but still use anyway) of having only one post in the month of march.

as i look over the month of march, the highlight is undeniably (no, it's not earth hour) ZMax Camp!!! =)

we had 31 young people in Peacehaven, Genting, of which 11-12 were non-Christians. many of them were chinese speakers, which caused communication to be slightly problematic. to tell the truth, i was feeling discouraged on the second day of camp; like we were trying so hard to share the good news of God's truth and love with these campers, but they didn't really seem to be getting it. on the spiritual level, the Bible says that non-Christian's eyes are blinded to the truth of the Gospel by the god of this age; and on the physical level, the language barrier wasn't helping.

so well, even as we camp officers continued to have meaningful conversations with campers, have fun with them, and deal with all the nitty-gritty of running a camp, we also made time to get on our knees and pray. if these kids were to understand the gospel and respond to it, it would not be by our might nor by our power, but by the Spirit of the Lord.

and it was indeed exciting to see those young people begin to respond to the gospel and to the love of God. although these things are hard to measure and i dare not boast that such-and-such a number of young people have been eternally and irrevocably saved after this camp, i do dare to say that every one of those young people have a better understanding of the Gospel message. they know that, at least from the Christian point of view, we are not accidental products of a mindless process, but beings created in the image of God, with meaning, purpose, worth, value, and significance, and He loves us!

and quite a number of young people responded to that message. they raised their hands to indicate that they either believed or wanted to believe. there is nothing more amazing than to see young people respond to the Gospel like that.

i do not know how they will grow after this camp, when they go back to their hometowns. i do not know if they will persevere in their fledgling faiths, and truly come to know and love this God who loves them so. but i do know that God has begun a new work in their lives - and He's the kind of guy (if it isn't disrespectful to refer to God as a "guy") who finishes what He starts.

and there i had been, on the second day of camp, worrying that we weren't getting through to them. my faith has grown, and i thank and praise God for all that He is doing in my life and in the lives of those i care for, near and far.

no time to put pics or make it all nice and colourful. hope this blog post was not boring to you, dear reader. (well, if you read this far, i guess it's a success. but who knows if you are in the majority of readers? not that i have that many readers anyway...=P)

do continue to pray for these kids that they will grow in the knowledge and love of God. also pray for me, as i'll be speaking or visiting at various CFs over the coming weeks. in order, from this friday; i'll be at SMK Methodist Banting, SMK Sri Bintang Utara, SMK Taman Desa Rawang, and SMK Seri Kembangan.

God bless! =)


akmj said...

nope, not boring :)

eliselise said...

i read til the end! nice to hear from u again =)

Lisa ^^, said...

That's awesome!! PTL!!!! :P

Lisa ^^, said...

p.s: IGNOMINOUS: (esp. of events or behaviour) embarrassing because so completely a failure.

(I looked it up for you. Also cos I didn't know the exact meaning either XD)

p.p.s: I don't think that your blog is ignominous. heeee :D

siehjin said...

yay, so happy to get all your comments! =D

thank you all of you, for reading, commenting, and praying. =)

God bless you all!=)

The Bee said...

glad to see you have managed to 'save' your blog
still in time
better than cases where blog add and pw also cannot remember right??
I Corinthians 15: 58 for you sieh jin.
You know
let us not be deceived by what we can see
let us not be deceived too by what we cannot see
we tend to desire to see in a tangible way young lives making decisions being turned around by God
but be assured each time He works thro you
these young hearts are a link closer to full contact with their Maker....
may not be visible to us the wind
so 'add oil' ok? to your lamp hehe

Arnan Koh said...

Wooo HOOO!!!

You finally Blogged!!!

Praise the LORD.... for all the things you have been doing....

ps. i will let you know if i can make it for the camp... k :>

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