Wednesday, July 22, 2009

memos to the disorganized

Adapted from "Ordering Your Private World", by Gordon MacDonald. =)

Be convinced that the inner world of the spiritual must govern the outer world of activity.

Make a daily choice to monitor your private world's state of orderliness.

Recognise your proneness to operate according to schemes and patterns, not made of God, but fashioned by a disordered past.

Face up to what drives you, then listen quietly for the call of Christ.

See yourself as Christ's steward, and not master of your own purpose, role, and identity.

Make a daily determination to see time as God's gift, worthy of careful investment.

Seal the "time leaks" and allocate your productive hours according to your capabilities, limits, and priorities.

Determine that every day will be for you, a day of growth in knowledge and wisdom.

Seek to use all you learn in service to others, as Christ did.

Regularly choose to enlarge the spiritual centre of your life.

Be unafraid to be alone and quiet before Christ.

Absorb the words of Christ into your attitudes and actions.

Begin to pursue the discipline of seeing events and people through the eyes of Christ, so that your prayers reflect your desire to be in alignment with His purposes and promises for them.

Choose to press Sabbath peace into the rush and routine of daily life, in order to find the rest God prescribed for Himself and all of humanity.

Make a deliberate decision to begin the "ordering" process... Now!

This book is full of good, timeless principles. now, may God help me put them into practice in my life in increasing measure... =)


akmj said...

good book, someone lent it to me.

It's true that when our inner world is ordered, the outer will also be better :)

siehjin said...

@akmj: yeah. and without that foundation, the outer world is just so much hollow, meaningless busyness and activity. we need inner order to pursue all that God has called us to be. =)