Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Something has happened. =(

Somebody informed certain Authorities concerning a Certain Matter which i have written about in my blog.

The aforesaid Authorities have commanded that Certain Matters (including the aforesaid Matter) must not be mentioned on this blog, and that posts which mention those Matters must be taken offline.

As the main point of this blog is to inform readers and request prayer support concerning the aforesaid Matters, those Matters are mentioned in almost every post. It is thus almost impossible to filter through every post in the archives to purge them of the aforesaid Matters.

Therefore, for now, all blog posts written prior to this one are no longer accessible to the Public.

My humblest apologies to any and all who may have been offended or injured by my previous blog posts.

If you've been using this blog to keep in touch with me, feel free to email me or message me on facebook [doogsy_dog@hotmail.com] instead, as this blog will probably be rather inactive after this.

God bless you all, until we meet again - in person, online, or in the Lord. Remember (more of a reminder to myself in the midst of all this, heheh) - God is good, all the time! =)

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