Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Psalm 105:37-45 - What God Has Done! =)

i preached this sermon last sunday, 18 September 2011. since i've typed out the outline and all as part of the assignment for my LPL (Lay Preacher's Licence) Homiletics module, i just thought i'd post it here.

hopefully it might make my blog a little less dead. =P

What God Has Done!
Psalm 105:37-45

• As Christians, each of us should have a story or many stories to tell about what God has done in our lives.
• Today’s passage proclaims what God has done in the life of the nation of Israel.

1. He Brought Israel Out of Egypt

• Explanation:
o Seen in Psalm 105:37-38, 43.
o Historical record found in Exodus 12:31-36.
o The exodus as a type or foreshadow of our salvation.

• Application:
o Get to know the God who saves.
o Be thankful to God for saving us.
o Tell others about this God who saves.

2. He Protected and Guided Them

• Explanation:
o Seen in Psalm 105:39.
o Historical record found in Exodus 14:19-20; 40:34-38.

• Application:
o God protects and guides us even when we stray from Him.
o However, we must follow and obey God to fully enjoy His protection and guidance.

3. He Provided for Them

• Explanation:
o Seen in Psalm 105:40-41, 44.
o Historical record found in Exodus 16:1-3, 11-16; 17:3-7; Joshua 24:11-13.
o Was God unfair to take the Promised Land from its’ inhabitants and give it to the Israelites?

• Application:
o Acknowledge God’s provision and thank Him for it.
o Trust in God’s provision.

• This psalm celebrates what God has done for Israel, and reminds us of what God has done for us.
• In thankfulness and love, may we live our lives as acts of worship to this great God.

For After Sunday:


I must be mindful what God has done in my life, and be thankful.


1. How did you first come to know the God who saves? How can you help others come to know Him too?

2. Share an incident where you personally experienced God’s protection and guidance.

3. Why do we tend to trust in ourselves rather than in God’s provision? What are the effects of such misplaced trust?


Tell one non-Christian friend about something that God has done in your life.


“He brought out His people with rejoicing, His chosen ones with shouts of joy.”
Psalm 105:43, NIV

i didn't actually give out this outline on sunday. i only prepared it after the fact, as homework for the homiletics course. looking at it now it would have been nice if i could have put it in the hands of the congregation for them to look at while i was preaching... something to think about for future sermons.

if you're interested, you can also take a look at the visual aids i used here.

as always, feedback is welcome. =)


Hannah said...

Welcome back! haha...Your notes are great; love the application part. It gives you ideas on how to make the preaching practical in daily life, instead of just listening and nodding along.

siehjin said...

thanks hannah! =)