Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Psalm 86:2a - Devotion

Psalm 86:2 says, "Guard my life, for i am devoted to You."

what does it mean to be devoted? it means being fully committed to someone, wholly belonging to him or her. if i say, "i'm devoted to you", it means that you are the focal point of my entire being. my thoughts, words, and deeds are all with you in mind, centred on you.

if we are truly devoted to the Lord, it means all these, with Him as the object of devotion. it also means that we are secure in Him. it is from this position of security and safety that David asks God to "Guard my life". if you are under attack, what you need is soldiers, not guards. if you are in trouble, you need someone to help you or save you, not guard you. you only need a guard when you are already in a secure position.

so this is a reminder to me, not to forget God when things seem to be going well. for if or when we think we are secure, we still need to remain devoted to Him, and we still need Him to guard our lives.

so, let's all go through the rest of this day (or tomorrow, if you're reading this at night) pondering over what it means to be devoted to God, and seeking to grow in our devotion to Him. perhaps we cannot say as confidently or as matter-of-factly as David, "i am devoted to You". but that's ok; we are on a journey, we are works in progress. if we think are just 50% devoted, for example, then let's ask the Holy Spirit to help us move on to be 51% or 52% devoted.

and for those of us who already are devoted to God (or at least, are devoted to Him most of the time!), as we meditate on Psalm 86:2 throughout this day (or tomorrow), let us continue to enthrone Him in our hearts.

may He guard our lives today and every day. Amen! =)

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