Saturday, June 9, 2007

early to bed, and early to rise...

makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise! =)

and this will be a health-wise post, about the health of me and mine... but before that! i have a happy announcement to make!

*trumpets sound* ta-ra-ta-ta-ta!

the readership of this blog has increased by 250%!!! woohoo!
welcome, charis, ling, jonathan, florence, and guojeng. =D

*trumpets sound* ta-ra-ta-ta-ta!

back to the normal blog post =)

as i was saying, health-wise. the chesty cough mentioned a couple of posts ago has more or less cleared up! looks like u ppl's prayers are really powerful. thanks for praying! and yes, feel free to feel guilty if u didn't pray...=P

the infection is definitely gone [yellow phlegm = infected, clear phlegm = not infected. i know this cos my dad's a doctor, heheh] though some nasal congestion and throat irritation still remain.

however, chenmay (that is, The Wife, hahaha!) has fallen sick instead... she probably caught the bug from me, and i feel bad about it. last night she was feverish, her nose was leaking, and she was aching all over. and worse still, she's working today. so please do pray for her speedy recovery, k.

and, my dad is also facing some health stuff too... he has a stone in his salivary gland. and it's blocking the duct, causing pain and swelling. he's been surviving on a liquid diet for 3 days already, and is exploring options for surgery if the condition does not improve. please pray:

a) that the stone might move so that it does not fully obstruct the duct;
b) or that the stone might dissolve itself miraculously;
c) and for my dad to have wisdom to know what course of treatment to pursue if neither (a) nor (b) occurs.

thanks gang! may all of u be blessed with good health... u never fully appreciate it till u lose it. =)

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