Monday, June 11, 2007

the coming week

Breaking News (just came to me by sms): chen may went to see the doctor today, and is diagnosed with a viral infection! she's been given an MC for today and tomorrow. so, she didn't catch the bug from me, after all. now, let's hope that i don't catch the bug from her. =)

this week, i have a Young Writers' Camp planing meeting on wednesday. do pray for this camp, especially for camper recruitment. and if you know any young people who are interested in writing (there must be some, lookit all the blogs!) please let them know that this camp exists. camp dates are 18-21 august, and camp fees are RM 160 before 31 july. the camp form can be downloaded from

apart from that, this weekend (fri-sun) i'll be having classes about Pastoral Leadership. this is part of my Masters of Christian Studies with Seminari Theoloji Malaysia's Theological Education by Extension Programme. this is the second module i've been for; the first was Biblical Interpretation and i'm still wrestling with the four assignments that i have to write for that course. =P hopefully the lecturer for this next course will be kinder. =)

the sad thing about doing this theological study thing is, i will be separated from The Wife over the weekend. Aaaaarrrgh! the pain! the suffering! well, that was a little melodramatic, but in actual fact it is true that i will miss her. and since she is that wierd, emotional thing called 'a woman', i guess she probably will miss me as much or more. sigh. everything has a price, and in this case it's more than dollars and cents.

apart from that, i will be having Dinner with The Sister (it rhymes! hahaha!) on saturday. am looking forward to catching up with her. =)

that sums up the coming week. God bless all of you, my readers! [over the weekend, only one addition: welcome, Christina.=)]


Tan said...

Rubbsih I thought you were going to announce that she is pregnant
. You are running late brother:p

lisathetan said...

yah yah yah! i thought u were gona tell us that Junior Jins r on the way! isk...

nie nie said...

oh sieh jin... nie nie is here to visit! why dont u just have a chatter box instead.? ya ya.. make GIGANTIC fonts if little jin's coming.. haha.. say hi to chen may for us.. =)

Christina said...

Bwahahahaha, so I'm not the only one who thought your wife is expecting!

Charis said...

jin, how do you find the TEE programme? just curious because some of my friends and i dabble in theology from time to time.

i'll tell the cat (that's caleb to you :-P ) about the young writers' camp. got website or anything or not?

emmyjemmy said...

hi blink :)

somehow because i hear irene call u that all the time, it feels weird addressing you as sieh jin. lol

i'm most happy to have another blog to read - and a funny one at that. ur sis is extremely proud to have a FUNNY brother. haha

been smsing chen may - hoping to meet up after i move over in aug ;)

siehjin said...

welcome, nienie n emmy! =)

guojeng, lisa and christina: apa la u. cannot simply-simply pregnant one ok. wat running late? no money laaaa... if according to plan, we won't be having kids for another 2-3 years =P

nienie: ok, as per your brilliant suggestion, i have installed a chatterbox. but i hope ppl will still leave comments... haha

charis: the TEE programme is very suitable for someone like me. i can't do night classes, cos during the schools hols i'd be up to my neck in camps and missing all classes. so the TEE has classes in modular form, usually over a weekend or two, with assignments to complete within 6 months of the last class. that's really good for me as i can sign up for classes when i'm not in the busy period. so far i've only gone for one class; the lecturer (dr. lim kar yong) was, in my estimation, very good (articulate, knew his stuff, enthusiastic about the subject matter, etc etc).

about ywc, the registration form can be downloaded from they have a blog,, but i'm not sure whether there's anything more than the most basic info there at the moment.

emmy: u can call me blink if u want la. i dun really mind. =) my blog very funny meh? anyway i'm proud of my sis too. she's a celebrity blogger u know. =P sure, we can meet up in aug. cya then! =D

emmyjemmy said...

gosh u sound exactly like ur REAL SELF when u blog. hahaha...i can sort of 'hear ur voice' and imagine u saying whatever u wrote here in the comments section!

siehjin said...

emmy: good. i want to be as real a person as i can be. =)

but actually that phenomena can happen with anyone who's voice you've heard before... for example, when i read you comment i hear it in your voice. =)

Tan said...

Boss God's first commandment to Man was to be fruitful and for money....there is always faith and the failure defense the time your kids reach 19 I think we should have the FDL medical school up and ready:D

siehjin said...

guojeng: bro, your faith is stronger than mine and chenmay's combined =P

seriously, i think it would be irresponsible to have children before we're ready. i mean, if an 'accident' happens we'll take it as a 'gift' from the Lord la, but otherwise we have a responsibility to plan and save properly. parenthood is NOT some kind of a fun game that we can just jump in blithely as we like.