Wednesday, June 13, 2007

i can't think of any creative titles at the moment

hullo friends! =)

i'm in the office at the moment, eating jam and bread for dinner. i have a meeting at 8.15pm, which explains why i'm not at home in the loving arms of The Wife. =(

just some news about my dad: he went in to Queen Elizabeth Hospital this morning for surgery, to remove to offending salivary gland. the main risks of this surgery were:
a) the risk of anaesthesia
(there are always risks when they put you to sleep)
b) the risk of nerve damage
(lots of nerves in the neck; if they had cut one, he'd end up with a lopsided smile)
but thank God, the surgery went smoothly with no mishaps. =) there were 4 stones, the biggest was 3cm in length and 1cm in diameter! imagine that!=P

so, once again, thank you all for praying. do continue to uphold him as he recovers from surgery. =)

in other news, chenmay went for another checkup today and got another 2 days' MC. she feels better, but the blood-test says she's supposed to be worse. so please keep her in your prayers.

right, hv to go for meeting now! ciao guys! [and girls!] =)


irene said...

Siao right? When I heard about the stones from Mom, I was like, NO WONDER lah the gland was blocked! Good grief.

Poor Chen May... hope she gets well soon :(

siehjin said...

yeah man... 4 stones. just thinking about it makes my salivary glands (or the areas in my throat where i imagine the salivary glands to be) feel sympathetic twinges of pain.

well, like i said, chenmay feels better, so it's not all bad. but she's worried about taking too many days of MC, that the college will label her a malingerer or something.

Tan said...

Touch the tip of your chin and follow along the lower border of your lower jaw. About half way through feel the fleshy part. That is where one pair of salivary galnd is. The other pair slightly below and in front of your ear. Then there are the others on the floor of your mouth:)

siehjin said...

thanks for the lesson on locating salivary glands, guojeng =)

when my dad told me he was thinking of surgery, i asked: "if u take out the salivary gland how to eat? no more saliva ah?" to which he replied, "there are thousands of salivary glands in your mouth."

as you can see, i'm quite ignorant about salivary glands. =)

Tan said...

We are always in a continuous state of are welcome... There are diseases where all your salivary glands go those case you just drink lots of water to go with your food:)