Friday, June 22, 2007

the last of the mohicans...

...or rather, in this case, the last of the prayer update emails. i reproduce it here:

Dear friends,

Some of you may have noticed (whether with joy or sorrow, I’ll leave it to you) that I haven’t been sending out my monthly prayer update email since the beginning of the year. My humblest apologies! This was because of a mixture of busyness and laziness; at some times I was too busy to get the letter written, and other times I was too lazy. A lot of things have happened in the interim; for one, I got married! =P

Well, what I’ve done is, I’ve started a blog at you can check it out if you want; there will be updates on my movements and ministry prayer requests there from time to time. So, no more prayer update emails from me (for now anyway). I’m hoping that the blog will be easier to sustain, and I plan to update it at least once a week. At the moment I’m posting to it a few times a week, but I’m not sure how long that frequency will last. So I’ll leave it up to your initiative to come check out the blog and support me in prayer, ok? =)

One of the advantages of the blog is that it’s more interactive than this kinda prayer letter. If u do visit the blog, please do leave a comment or a note on the chatterbox. I think that this is a great way to keep in touch! =)

Ok, since this is my last prayer update letter I might as well let you know what I’ll be up to in the coming month. Upcoming ministry engagements that you can pray for with me:

1. Preaching at Bethel Baptist Church – this is only my second time preaching to an entire church’s congregation! (usually I minister only to youth). So, please pray for me as I prepare to speak on 1 July!

2. Trip to Taiping – we’ll be taking some SCF meetings, a YF Meeting, and some church meetings in Taiping from 20-22 July. Please pray for me as I liaise with key people there and work out logistic arrangements for the team, as well as prepare for the speaking engagements there!

Thank you so much for supporting me in prayer. I believe that your prayers make all the difference in whether my work is effective and powerful, or not. And I pray that just as you have blessed me by your support and prayers, so may you be richly blessed by God.=)

God bless,


since i took so long to type it, i decided to post it on the blog =P you all also supposed to pray for those two items wan ma. =) hopefully more ppl will drop by since i sent this out...

in the meantime, a big hug of welcome to charlene (one of the 1st ppl to chat on the chatterbox, and i forgot to welcome her! oops!), praise, akmj, petertok, and kenneth!=)

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