Tuesday, June 26, 2007

take it to the limit?!?

that's the topic which i'll be speaking on in a scf in rawang this friday. it's basically about the component of physical intimacy in boy-girl relationships; how far is too far kinda thing. tricky in the sense that we can't tell youth, "this far and no further!" but rather, help them understand what the real heart of it is: our heart for God. and having a heart which wants to please Him above all else, it's really up to them to decide their own limits.

apart from that, am perparing to preach at bethel baptist church this sunday; it is a time of ngashing of teeth. the ngashing was more vigourous and intense the first time round, but it's still happening this second time. =)

in reference to previous posts about our bouts with flu, i'm glad to announce that chenmay and i are both more or less fully recovered already. thanks be to God who's the Ultimate Doctor.=)

and, to end this short post, selamat datang to josh lim, choc freak, eunice, serene, weixun, jinshan, ethan, peiling, and meng yee. fuu yoh! datanglah beramai-ramai, ya!=D


Charis said...

hahaha...you stole that line from mr. leong didn't you? will respond to scf post soon. just back from santa barbara...was there for a conference of sorts.

siehjin said...

yeah, and do you know why i stole that line from mr. leong?

atas sebab-sebab tertentu yang tidak dapat dielakkan!!! bwahahahaha =D

Charis said...

hahaha...i haven't laughed so hard in a long time. don't tell mr. leong i said that. :-P