Wednesday, August 29, 2007

i'm back! =)

hullo everyone! i'm back!!! =)

ON Institute, YWC and KK were great... YWC ended up with 25 campers, haha... i'll try to update more on those in the coming days.

in the meantime, life goes on... the house is (more or less) in good order... i have a SCF Meeting at St. Paul's Seremban on monday (3 Sept)... staff meeting on 4 Sept... planning meeting for NSCF Leaders' camp on 6/7 Sept... got to do some thinking and planing to update the SCF database by middle of Sept... speaking at Rawang SCF on 14 Sept... speaking at Sri Permata SCF on 21 Sept... Prison Ministry on 23 Sept... and i'm still in re-entry mode*! aargh! heheheh

will post about ON soon. till then, ta! =)

*re-entry mode is the mode i usually find myself in after being away from the office for 3 days or more... time seems to move rather slowly and it seems strangely difficult to get anything done... like trying to run in a swimming pool. basically it's just a time of re-adjusting and re-aligning myself to the rigours and routines of everyday work... sigh

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