Monday, August 6, 2007

Refugee Camp!!!

that's what my new house looks like now. yes, instead of moving in early september, The Wife and i stepped up the schedule and moved in yesterday! the total load was 2 trips with a one-tonne lorry, 2 trips with guojeng's lovemobile (actually it's a proton, haha), and one trip with the super-spacious AD Resort. this not counting the previous 2-3 trips with the AD resort that we made on previous days.

a million billion thanks to GUOJENG for helping us move! i would have collapsed and died from exhaustion and Chenmay would be 76k richer from the insurance if not for him. =)

so now, there are boxes and bags and all kinds of stuff strewn in the hallway. it seriously looks like a refugee camp. but at least we managed to clear and arrange the tv and sofa-set, so that the living room is like an oasis of peace in the midst of the chaos.

we put up minimal lights, hiring people for the job. and last night, we had a surprise visit from an uncle and aunty from our new church (Taman Ujong Methodist Church) and the uncle was kind enough to help us put up the curtain railing for the front sliding door. he showed us how to use a power drill and set up fixtures on the wall, and it is really not easy man! thank goodness we didn't opt to set up the lights ourselves. chenmay says her father will come and stay over to do the rest of the lights for us, which is nice of him, but i feel bad about it... especially now that i have an idea of just how hard the work is!

Speaking of work: on the work front, the SCF meeting scheduled for today has been postponed to early september. which i really really thank God for, because as you can see from the last post i have my hands pretty full already. Rawang SCF and BK Oral Quiz are over and went well, so that's more gratitude for His grace. now am stressing about Young Writers' Camp: only 12 campers' forms in so far. also, because i won't be in the office from tomorrow to the camp, i have to pass on my duties to Runa, my collague... and that might be messy if i can't get all the loose ends tied up before i go. so... u know what to do. [hint: it's often done on your knees!] =)

this will be my last post for a couple of weeks cos i'll be away for ON and YWC. will try to post as soon as i can after that. till then, may God be with each of you in all your comings-in and goings-out. =)


Tan said...

YOu are welcome....thanks for the food:)Enjoy the new house and the smell of new paint, sawdust, plaster, dust and cement....

irene said...

Thank God!!! Now I won't need to worry about the fan falling on my head :P