Friday, September 28, 2007

Camps are coming!

no speaking engagements this weekend... phew!

but i am playing piano for church this weekend... it's my first time officially serving in the church's praise and worship ministry. i did play drums a few weeks ago, but that was an impromptu thing... saw there was no drummer, asked the worship leader if she wanted one, and banged away. this time is different... got practice and all =P

and The In-Laws are around this weekend, too... they arrived early this morning and will be staying with us til sunday. so it's just as well that i'm not too busy; can spend some Quality Time together. Yay! [only 10% sarcastic =P]

in the meantime, camp preparations are underway... we just had a meeting to discuss about the syllabus for next year's school-leavers' camp. on monday i'll have a meeting to plan for d'Nous Academy, and on tuesday night (a night away from The Wife! boohoohoo) another meeting to plan to ZMax camp.

yes, i will be going for 4, that's FOUR, camps in November and December. they are as follows:
1. National SCF Leaders' Camp, 19-24 Nov
2. ZMax Camp, 29 Nov-2 Dec
3. d'Nous Academy, 6-16 Dec
4. Emmanuel EFC Youth Camp, 27-30 Dec

does it sound hectic? it doesn't just sound hectic, it is hectic! please pray for strength and good health as i prepare for these camps. i can forsee that going for camp after camp like this will be draining not just physically, but emotionally as well. so, i covet your prayers.

i will try to post more specific info and prayer requests over the coming week or two. thanks for taking the time to read and comment or tag, and God bless! =)


Charis said...

how come the camps got so funny names one? stay sane, cqhl.

Joshua said...

eh i want to go to NSCF leaders camp helper....
howmuch the cost ah?

siehjin said...

hey joshua... which joshua are u? joshua hooi, or a different joshua? anyway, the cost is RM 210. if u really wan to volunteer, u hv to contact runa... she's the person in charge of this camp. can email her at

Charis: yeah, we're getting creative with the names =P will try to explain when i post more about the camps =)

lordson said...

so since you go for so many camps, got any fan mails? got any young girl going after you and all? even if you're married that doesn't mean you lose all your charm you know... HAHA

Joshua said...

i am joshua chin......

蔥爆牛肉Frank said...