Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Frodo made me wear slippers today! =)

ok, let's start off with the NSCFL Camp. NSCFL Camp stands for National School Christian Fellowship Leaders' Camp. quite straightforward, this. it's a leadership training camp for people from SCFs all over peninsular malaysia.

building up new leaders is actualy one of the crucial things that all SCFs must do. this is because students are always coming and going; this years' leaders are next years' college/uni students, moving on to another phase in their lives and no longer suffering/enjoying secondary school life. so there must be effort made every year to train the next batch of leaders to take up the baton of leadership.

please pray for recruitment of campers. pray that leaders and future leaders of the SCFs will choose to come for this camp, although there are so many other (often more attractive) choices of activities and camps that they can go for during the school hols. pray that our sessions and activities will be effective in imparting good practical leadership skills, as well as building up the campers to be spiritual leaders with a vision for their SCFs and their schools. pray that God will be with us as we plan and prepare for this camp. pray that God will work in and through us to impact these campers so that they in turn can go back to their schools, fired up to make a difference for Jesus there.

alright, if u've read all the way up to here, you're probably wondering, "what on earth does the title have to do with NSCFL Camp??!?" heheheh =)

what happened was, last night when The Wife and i were eating dinner, there was a cute puppy hanging around the place where we sat. that puppy stole our hearts, and so we took him home and named him Frodo! =)

i don't have pics, so u'll have to make do with this description. Frodo is about as long as my forearm. he's mostly black, with hints of brown at the paws, muzzle, and above the eyes. his ears stick up and flop down in the most adorable way. he likes to chew and play with pieces of old cloth, and he doesn't like to take baths. and he's sooooooo cute! =)

The Wife and i actually deliberated for a good long while before deciding to take Frodo home. caring for a puppy isn't all fun and games, you know. his food will cost money, then there's licensing and deworming to think about... and the time and attention that we'll have to give him. but in the end, we capitulated to his irresistable puppy charm.

"ah, so what's all that about making you wear slippers then?"

mornings are not the best part of the day for The Wife and i, because we're both sleepy and rushing to make it on time to work. and having Frodo means there are more things to do in the morning: feed the puppy, bring his food and water bowls and his cardboard-box bed outside, etc. So, in the midst of all the activity, i FORGOT to wear my shoes. so i am now sitting in my office wearing slippers! all because of Frodo, hahaha! =)


sis said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Now you have a dog too! Arrrrgggghhhhhhhhhh! Betrayal! Betrayal! A member of my family actually owns a DOG!! Arrrggggh! You do realise that this means I might never visit you in Seremban, don't you???

sis said...

his food will cost money, then there's licensing and deworming to think about... and the time and attention that we'll have to give him.

Don't forget, you'll also have to walk him, train him (at the very least, not to poop on your shoes or chew on the furniture), and bathe him, and it is A LOT OF WORK. I'd rather have a fighting fish. :P

Charis said...

What, you mean you don't wear slippers to work every day? ;-)

siehjin said...

sis: it's not a dog la... i don't like dogs. it's a puppy. of course, it will eventually grow into a dog... but i'll worry about that when the time comes. =)

charis: nope. poor me... =P

sis said...

Excuse me, baby dog is still a dog okay! What kind of convoluted reasoning are you having la... it's not like he morphs into a dog at the last minute, you know... *rolls eyes*

Joshua said...

woots! now u already got a dog......
maybe someday you'll get a kid!
Tze Liang's baby boy is super cute!
but keep praying for them and yokeLi....
and i think i'm coming for the NSCFL camp
will contact runa meself

siehjin said...

sis: but, but, but, puppies are different! they're soooo cute!!! =P

anyway i'm guessing it'l b ok when she grows into a dog cos i'l hv known her since her puppyhood. at least that's what i hope.

joshua: heheh, yeah, one day, one day. contact runa asap yeah, i told her abt u d. will b greast to see u at camp. =)

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