Saturday, November 3, 2007

Today is Very Happening

do u know why today is very happening? it is so because there are SO MANY THINGS happening today:
1. Emmy and Sherman's Wedding @ STM
2. The Wife's MUET Invigilation
3. PPBC Youth's Orphanage Visit
4. iBridge Camp Reunion @ IKEA
5. dNA planning meeting
6. Trip back to sitiawan

woo hoo! isn't my life exciting? i get to miss so much stuff! =)

of this list, the highest in priority are the last two. i was supposed to go back to sitiawan yesterday to help my mum pack. cos we're carting lotsa stuff from there to our new place in seremban - stuff like washing machine, fridge, dining table, and much much more. my mum is there alone, and i feel bad because i can't be there to help her. my dad isn't happy about it either. he's worried cos he knows that it can be a very emotionally charged and draining process.

the problem is, i have a dNa planning meeting today. at 10.30 am. and i can't get out of it because this date was set long long ago. to further complicate matters, the camp is a cooperative joint effort between SU and FES. so if i were irresponsible enough to skip the meeting, it would affect inter-organisational relationships negatively.

i feel pulled in two directions. but i've tried my best to solve it by negotiating to leave early from the meeting so that i can scoot off to sitiawan. it may not please everyone, but it's the best i can do.

as i thought about this conundrum last night, i realised that i tend to crave approval and recognition from my parents, The Wife, my colleagues, and most of all from God. and if the last is not the greatest by far, this may be dangerous. i do not want to be a mere people-pleaser. this is something i have to watch out for in future.

this sounds rather strange coming from me. i'm supposed to be (or used to be) the devil-may-care guy, who does whatever he thinks is right and lets whoever disagrees go hang. i guess my prayers for greater sensitivity and consideration towards others have had their effect after all. now i just have to make sure a happy balance is struck. =)


kaki.ayam said...

You mean, your whole family is actually moving from Setiawan to Seremban? Or just you and your wife?

By the way, are you working in seremban? if not, how do you intend to commute from seremban to selangor daily?

siehjin, although you are much younger than me, i am impressed with the way you manage financially...

take care and God bless.

siehjin said...

hi kaki ayam =)

my parents are in kota kinabalu, and my sis is (i think u know) in pj. my wife and i have been staying in s'ban since we got married in may. =)

my office is in pj, and chenmay is teaching in kuala pilah. so we chose to settle in s'ban which is kinda in the middle between our two places of work.

commuting is time-consuming, tiring, and expensive. but unless God leads me to change jobs, i don't see any other way... i take the bus to kl and the ktm to my office. it's 90 sen cheaper per way than taking ktm all the way. it's also faster, if the jam isn't bad.

don't be too easily impressed. we are struggling to break even every month. quite a chunk of our savings has miraculously evaporated. now that the stuff from sitiawan is here, i hope we can settle down to a good routine and start saving a little every month again.

sis said...

Dude. You crave approval and recognition??? This is news to me o.O

But hor, I've changed too. I also used to be very "who cares, I'll go my own way" and now look at me :P

siehjin said...

yeah, it's kinda surprising to me too. i only realised it that night when i was torn between wanting to go bk to s'wan to help mum, and the necessity of staying back for the meeting. i was also conscious of dad's displeasure at my not being there.

i was lying on my bed pondering the situation and wondering why i felt so miserable, when i realised it. heheh. =)