Thursday, November 1, 2007


I am not in full-time Christian ministry by accident.
I am not in full-time Christian ministry solely by my own choice.
I am not in full-time Christian ministry because i was incapable of working effectively in other fields.

rather, I am in full-time Christian ministry primarily because i believe that God has called me to it.

these were my thoughts this morning, as i read thru some lecture notes from last june's Pastoral Leadership and Ministry. i'm preparing to write my assignment, due in december; and one of the questions is, "what is the significance of Divine Call in Christian Leadership?"

yes, by God's grace, i managed to finish my assignments for Biblical Interpretation and pass them up on time last month. phew! but now there's another assignment to wrestle with... i don't think the questions are as tough as the Biblical Interpretation ones were, but i'm having to deal with them at a high-stress time. 4 camps coming up at the end-year that i have to prepare for, and next year's camps to prepare for too (some camps are in the march hols and in the mid-year, so have to start preparing now) plus the SCF Database Update Exercise to worry about... i feel a little bit overwhelmed.

nevertheless, in the midst of all the busyness, it was good to be reminded again of Why i am doing what i am doing. may i not lose focus on the One i am called to love and serve. i continue to covet your prayers as the pressure rises. 'til the next post, God bless! =)


akmj said...

jia you! jia you!
or, in cantonese, ka yau, ka yau!

yup, it's good to remember WHY we are where we are :)

+pOwerfuLp@ssiOn+ said...

heyo.. hey, great to hear that...its always a great adventure living for Him..:) Take Care and God bless! =)

pwin-cess linfoong said...

Sieh Jin.

haha, suprise to get a comment from me? hihiihi!!!

I dunno if you rmbr this anot, but when you got your stpm results that time, I met you at church. You were really upset about your result and you were playing the drum when I phrased a sentence wrongly (I got scolded by my mum for saying that you know...)

(if you cant rmbr, let me know)

but what i meant to say was that maybe God din give you the results you expected because he wanted you to serve Him. :)

So, I'm really excited to find that your're doing full time ministry now (sorry, bit outdated, now only find out >_<)

But yea. I'm really happy for you. And will pray for you :D.

Go, go, jia yu!!!

siehjin said...

heyzzz! thanks for the comments, all! =)

linfoong: yeah, i kinda remember. something about not studying hard enough or not prioritizing my studies or something like that rite? but it's ok... cos as u pointed out, God made everything beautiful in His time =)

pwin-cess linfoong said...

Sieh Jin,

Honestly wan you know, that time I really meant to say that maybe He has another plan then what you plan out.

I'm really sorry it came out so wrong >___<''

siehjin said...

linfoong: it's alright. i never held it against u anyway. =)