Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mukjizat itu Nyata =)

i learnt this new song from christina [thanks chris!=)] at staff consultation [she learnt it from epin of SU Indonesia, whom we met at ON institute]:

Tak terbatas kuasaMu Tuhan
Semua telah Kau lakukan
Apa yang kelihatan mustahil bagiku
Itu sangat mungkin bagiMu:
Di saat ku tak berdaya
KasihMu yang sempurna
Ketika aku percaya
Mukjizat itu nyata
Bukan kerna kekuatan
Tapi RohMu, ya Tuhan
Ketika aku percaya
Mukjizat itu nyata

meaningful lyrics combine with a beautiful melody to make this a truly heart-touching song. it gives encouragement to those who can't go on in their own strength; and reminds those who think they can, that they have to depend on Someone else.

for those who can't understand BM, here's a translation:

Unbounded is Your power, Lord
All things You have accomplished
Those things which appear to be impossible to me
They are very possible for You
The very second i have no strength
It's your love that is perfect
The moment i believe
The miracle is real
Not by might, nor by power
but by Your Spirit, oh God
The moment i believe
The miracle is real

of course the theology isn't 100% perfect. God isn't a vending machine that dispenses miracles when we put in enough 'belief' tokens. nevertheless, He is the God of miracles and i choose to have faith in Him and depend on Him for all things. and this song expresses that beautifully. =)

Apart from learning this new song, we spent 5 days in Tapah discussing various ministry matters and hammering out our plans for the coming year [oh, and also watching about 10 episodes of Heroes. it's soooo addictive!]. exciting things will be happening in 2008. watch out for updates here! =)

Update (26 Nov 2007)

my cousin sent me this:

hello cousin! :)

you got the lyrics of Muijzat itu Nyata slightly wrong on your blog. as far as I can tell, it's written by Jonathan Prawira and sung by Joy Tobing, and goes like this:

Tak terbatas kuasaMu Tuhan
semua dapat kaulakukan
apa yang kelihatan mustahil bagiku
itu sangat mungkin bagiMu

Di saat ku tak berdaya
KuasaMu yang sempurna
Selama Tuhan ada,
Mujizat itu nyata
bukan kar'na kekuatan
namun rohMu ya Tuhan
selama ku berdoa
Mujizat itu nyata

I really like the song... XD but what bugged me a little bit at first was that i've always though mujizat was spelt with a k(=mukjizat) - it could just be thatthe indonesians spell it slightly differently, like how they spell karena instead of kerana... but anyway, the way these lyrics go it would translate as "as long as God is present, miracles are real/the miracle is real". there's nothing, really, to suggest putting in belief tokens and God producing miracles like a vending machine... :P I know i'm nitpicking, but that's what editors do... >_<

anyway, take care and God bless you! :)

your (beloved! XP) cousin,

PS: why is it that in your facebook photo you look as though you're in pain? ^o)


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