Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm Back!

yes, i am back from iBridge camp.=)

camp was amazing. sessions were simply excellent.

david wong, the managing director of tupperware malaysia and their regional vice-president for southeast asia, spoke on the impact of Kingdom professionals in the workplace. he challenged us to see our work as a calling, rather than just a job. he gave testimony after testimony of how christians in the corporate world can and do function as salt and light in their places of work. it was really encouraging to see that it is possible to hold on to Christian values and principles, and still be successful in the 'real world'.

unfortunately it's rather hard for me to apply that as i'm working in a Christian organization. but it did spur me to think hard about how i could strive to be a witness wherever God places me - in the bus perhaps, or on the train. i can't exhort secondary school students to be salt and light with integrity, if i am not practicing it myself.

alvin ung, a vice-president at Khazanah Nasional Berhad, spoke about maintaining and deepening our spirituality and intimacy with God, even in the midst of the pressures, stress, and busyness of working life. he also covered topics like our attitudes towards money and things, and our attitudes towards people and our neighbours. once again, he really challenged us to examine ourselves and see to what extent we have blindly bought into the values of The World and our ethnic culture without even realising it. as christians, we are caled to live Counter-Culture!

i'm still mulling over and reflecting on the things i've heard and learnt at camp. it was a refreshing and renewing experience for me, and i trust that God was at work in the hearts of each of us 100-odd campers there in the cool highlands. now if only we'd all go back to our workplaces transformed, and let God use us to transform our workplaces, i wonder how different malaysia would be?

here's to the continuing journey with Christ. no matter whether we are students, employers, or employees, the Call is the same: Come, Follow Me. and as we follow Him, we shall be transformed from glory to glory. He makes all things new, and He works His works of grace and redemption in and through each of our lives. Amen.

p.s. - i won't be able to blog at all next week - will be away at staff consultation in Tapah. please pray for us as we plan and strategize for the coming years' programmes, activities, and ministry. in some ways, i don't look forward to it; it's going to be like 5 day's worth of staff meetings. but it's a necessary process; so pray for God's hand and the guidance of His Spirit as we go thru it. thanks! =)

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akmj said...

you summed up the messages well :)