Tuesday, December 18, 2007


dNa was excellent. OT Prophets were covered by Dr. Leong Tien Fock, who made their often-crptic pronouncements understandable and relevant to us as Christians living today. there was a visit to the Maha Vihara temple in Brickfields, coupled with sessions on Understanding Buddhism and Chinese Religions, which really enlightened us about the worldview(s) of our buddhist friends. there was community work, in which we visited a place called Vinashini Home (the students were divided into groups and went to different homes - mine was Vinashini). we interacted with groups of people that we'd never interacted with before, and probably would never have interacted with if not for this module - the disabled, wheelchair-bound, down's syndrome, orphans, and etc. NT was covered by Michael William, who helped us realise that for a proper understanding of the Bible we need to see it through the eyes of the original recipients. context, context, context. and think, think, think. there were book studies on John Sung and Celebration of Discipline, which left us with much to ponder on and apply. and there were modules on the basics of our faith - the Sacraments and the Creeds.

it's impossible to summarise 10 days into one paragraph, but looks like i did it. =P am now battling with a runny nose that threatens to evolve into a cough. am also very worried about my Pastoral Leadership and Ministry assignment, which is due in *gasp* 3 days' time! die die die!!! and i still have to prepare for the last camp of the year: the one in which i make my debut as a Camp Speaker.

please pray for me. i really really really (we're going in threes here, if u hadn't noticed) need it.

not sure how often i will be able to blog, as i plan to take days off. 'til we meet again, may God be with you. Immanuel - God with us. it is good to remember Him, as Christmas once again draws near.

Blessed Christmas, to one and all!!! =)

p.s. if you ppl would like a student's eye view of what happened at NSCFL Camp and ZMax Camp, just click on the words 'NSCFL Camp' and 'ZMax'. many thanks to smkducf for the free publicity! =)

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