Wednesday, December 5, 2007

ZMax Camp! =)

Camp went well. =) 7 Non-christians came. one chose to accept Christ, but is still abit confused and unsure of his commitment. some enjoyed the activities and games, but weren't interested in spiritual things [yet! with prayer, hopefully they wil grow to be]. others were open to the gospel, but not ready to commit. several christians rededicated their lives to God.

one of the highlights of ZMax Camp would be the trip to Sungai Congkak on the second day. we had a great time in the cold, cold water. there was a team-building exercise in which the small groups worked together to build a boat. my group created the ugliest boat; but it was the only one that successfully transported its' egg thru the white water of the river. =)

there was a forum on the second-last day. we had a very wide topic, "Life and Faith". a sample of the interesting questions that came up:
- does santa claus exist?
- is christian or buddhist better?
- if fortune-tellers aren't from God, how do they tell the future?
- my grandmother was a catholic. must i also be a catholic?
and many others. The Wife was one of the panel of speakers, woot! =)

and on the last night, we had Gila Punya Malam. the theme was Superheroes, and everyone came dressed up as something. my favourite was Toilet Paper Man. his superpower was very useful, as one could tear off a piece of his costume whenever in need of tissue paper. we also had sketches in which each group had random phrases, venues and props [e.g. Girl's Toilet, "May the Force be with you", a hockey stick and a hammer]. it was hilarious!=D

the last day was when the closing challenge was given. i hope to continue to keep the campers in prayer [especially the non-christian ones], keep in touch with those i can, and meet them again in future camps.

tomorrow, i leave for d'Nous Academy. my responsibilities include:
- leading worship at the Opening and the Graduation
- leading a small group
- leading 3 days of Quiet Time
- coordinating painting work at a home (part of the Community Work module)
- organizing games and icebreakers

10 loooong days away, haiz... keep me in prayer ya =)


ern said...

Sad, YLDP clashing!!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!