Monday, January 7, 2008

farewell and greetings

farewell to 2007! =)

the past year has been a year of New Beginnings for me. the biggest New Beginning was of course, The Wedding, which marked the beginning of my marriage with The Wife. =)

apart from that, it is also the year i began preaching in churches (only twice so far, still lots to learn); began speaking at youth camps (check out this blog post if u want to see about a hundred pics of the camp where i made my debut as a camp speaker); began my Masters in Christian Studies with STM; began learning about the sufferings and satisfactions of owning, paying for, and maintaining a house and a car; so yeah. an apt moniker, The Year of New Beginnings.=)

greetings to 2008! =)

i forsee that this new year will be a year of Marriage and Ministry. as The Wife and i pass the first-year mark of being together as Husband and Wife, our "dance" should be smoother as we learn not to step on each others' toes and to keep time with one another. as we adjust and adapt to each other, we should begin enjoying each other more and become adept at handling and resolving any conflicts that may arise. and ideally, we will grow deeper in love with each other as we grow deeper in love with God. i don't doubt that there will be challenging times too, but i have confidence that we can weather any storm with God's help. =)

at the same time, as i enter into the second year of my contract with Scripture Union, i should continue to grow and learn in the ministry. may i continue to develop to be a sharpened tool in the hand of God, fit and able to be used for His purposes.

and then of course, there's balancing the two things! =P

p.s. a quick note about my movements this weekend: i'll be off on a minstry trip to Kedah and Penang. and one of the things i have to do is preach in a church in Canglun! please pray for me as i prepare my (God's?) message. as they say, third time's the charm! =P

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akmj said...

Happy new year to you, sieh jin!
Oh and to Chen May to (send my regards to her, will ya?)

Have a great year ahead, and happy dancing with the LORD of the dance! :)