Thursday, January 10, 2008

the susah-ness of leaving The Wife

i left my wife behind me at seremban's terminal one about 2 hours ago. this was particularly difficult because today is a public holiday, and she will have the whole day to be lonely without me. difficult for her, difficult also for me. sighz...

in approximately an hour's time the SU youth team and i will be travelling up to ipoh. i will be driving the SU van. and tomorrow morning, we will be going on to alor setar. please pray for a safe journey, with no accidents.

thanks be to God, the changlun sermon has been birthed. an outline was formulated over the last few days and meat added this morning. the title is "start well, finish strong!" now with God's help, may i present it well and communicate His Word clearly to all who hear.

leaving the wife is made harder by the fact that i won't be home til monday evening. because there is a dNa meeting on monday, that was postponed from 11am to 2pm so that we wouldn't hv to rush back from ipoh in the wee hours of the morning and end up snoring the meeting. dNa meetings seem to bring me much grief, no?

but let us count it all worthwhile for the sake of the Cross and to hasten the coming of His Kingdom. once again, your prayer support is greatly appreciated. til next week, God bless! =)