Friday, January 18, 2008

next weekend

sorry for such a late update... have been very busy.

the trip to alor setar was great! people were incredibly hospitable, and they fed us really well...=) i especially enjoyed the time we had meeting up with youth who'd been at our camps. many of the youth in Full Gospel Church and Wesley Methodist Church alor setar have been campers at NSCFL and dNa over the past 2 years that i've been in SU.

the preaching at changlun also went well, thank God... there's a lively, friendly bunch of students from UUM there, and my prayer for them is that they will start well and finish strong (just as i preached, haha). the sad thing was, another ex-camper from last year's ZMax camp was having his birthday party, and i didn't get to go because i was at changlun. still, no regrets. =)

so, what am i so busy with, you ask? well, next weekend there's another ministry trip on, this time to penang island. apart from preparing for that, there have been meetings these few days to plan for Camp Chit Chat and dNa 2008. on top of that, i am very aware that ZMax 2008 is only a couple of months away and i am very worried about camper recruitment. and lastly, my desk looks like a war-zone and i desperately need to clean it up....

please pray for me. for grace and strength to get done all that i need to get done. thank you.

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