Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Penang Trip

hullo everyone =)

i'm back from penang, as you can see. wanted to blog while i was there, but didn't have the time.

i spoke at penang free school's scf on the topic, "how to be a witness in the school". and i also spoke at the combined scf meeting on saturday morning, on the topic "building a strong scf".

thank you for your prayer support. =)

next in line: prepare for ZMax camp in march and the seremban trip in april.

if possible, i think i should blog about something non-work/ministry soon. i sense that readers are becoming bored because my posts are always about work stuff (readers, feel free to contradict/agree/comment). but at the moment, nothing else seems to be blogworthy. hmmm, what to do? =P


Charis said...

Jin you should blog about whatever you like lah...I mean it depends on what the point of the blog is, right? I assumed that it was to keep people posted rather than entertained, what? :-P

siehjin said...

yup, that's true =)

the fear is that if ppl aren't entertained, they will stop reading...=P