Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Chart

here it is! (i hope this works...)

it was kinda small, so i resized it. now it's blur. nevertheless, i hope it's legible...

the starting-point is the blue box in the top left-hand corner, and from there you can follow my convoluted thoughts either to the yellow, deistic conclusion; or the green, buddhist/hindhu ones.

feel free to leave comments! =P

intro to religions was very interesting indeed. only bad thing was that i fell sick with fever, sore throat and aching bones on the second day of class. this eventually evolved into a cough, which i am now recovering from. now must do assignment, sigh. Dr. Solomon Rajah gave us many options to choose from, and i've decided to do the one which compares the Christian concept of salvation with the Sikh one. =)

apart from that, i'm taking the next two days off from work. want to spend some time with The Wife before she goes back to penang (it's her end-of-semester break) and leaves me all alone, sobz.

lastly, please pray for our seremban trip this weekend. we'll be speaking at 2 scfs on friday, having a combined scf meeting saturday morning, and jason will be preaching at my church on sunday! pray for anointing as we speak, for meaningful interactions with teachers and students, and for the ability to connect and build relationships through which the grace and truth of God can flow.

thanks and "see" y'all next week! =)


Darren said...

nice one :)

Pwincess Linfoong said...

i thought they say the atoms and molecules came from the big bang. no, no one knows where the big bang comes from and scientist is still trying to figure out where it comes from.

another Q i wanna ask cause a friend of mine keeps stating this statement in front of me and it kinda annoys me. the bible says that the world is created 6000 years ago, but scientist proves that it existed 6 billion years ago. so how to answer?

eh i dun check ur blog often, when you reply drop by at my blof and lemme know will ya? wanna know the answer asap! ^_^


siehjin said...

well yeah. saying that atoms and molecules came from the big bang just pushes the question another step back, as in what caused the big bang?

where in the bible does it say that the world was created 6000 years ago? and how exactly does science prove that it's 6 billion years old?

check and verify the facts first, then see if there's really such a contradiction, what are the possible explanations.

siehjin said...

this may be a good website to take a look at:

it's very fundamentalist and one may not agree with all their conclusions, but it does make some good arguments for a young earth.

darren_pinarello said...

if im not mistaken even the bible has mentioned of large creatures and men of ages ago.

Though carbon dating techniques are the norm to use in verifying age of long ago things, the next step ppl usually do is ASSUME. Remeber that scientist used to think the universe was 15 billion years old. Now they have lowered it to 13.7 billion. So if currently scientist say the earth is 6 million yrs old, what are the odds its actually younger? We may never know the real age. But what are the POSSIBILITIES?

Assumptions dont equal Accuracy, no matter how hard u assume since no one has ever gone back 6 million or 6000 years ago.

This is another open arguement that will go on and on. But the fundamental thing is, for non believers, they want proof of the visual and the touchable to believe. It can be extremely hard to get this to their heads sometimes abt THE TRUTH and THE FACT.

But we know that the Truth of God surpasses any other fact.

Sometimes cases like these are alright to share opinions but dont make a Cold War out of it even though u wana go all out to convince people to believe the gospel is correct.

Theres free will to believe. Yes we wana make sure ppl know the truth, yet not even God has forced anyone to obey His Word. He gives the liberty of free choice.