Wednesday, April 30, 2008


yes i am. partly because i'm still battling this cough from last week, and partly because The Wife is away. back in penang for her semester break. without her around, i seem to lack motivation to do stuff. including blogging. which is why i'm writing this today when i should have written it yesterday.

day before yesterday, as i was in the bus on the way back to seremban, i found the long journey rather pointless without The Wife waiting for me at the end of it. so last night, i decided to sleep in the office. nothing new, i've done it before after late-night meetings. and it saves me close to RM10 in bus/train fare.

the good thing was, i got to meet up with my sister. had dinner with her, and helped her pack and move a load of stuff to her new place. was great to catch up with her.

this week's not so heavy on work (thank God). in fact, i was hoping to take friday and saturday off and go up north to The Wife. there was even a plan to go to hadyai. however, all hopes were dashed when my Boss scheduled a meeting for friday afternoon. i tried to wiggle out of it but to no avail.

The Wife and The In-Laws are wondering if my Boss is a Monster who purposely schedules meetings so that his employees can't take holidays. i don't think he is and have tried to convince them that he did so because there were no other available dates. because next week we have staff meetings on monday and tuesday, and on wednesday christina and josephine (two of my colleagues in the youth ministry department) are going to Kedah. so then have to meet on friday lor.

anyway, thank God for the seremban trip which (i think) went well. hopefully the seminar we did there, "The Bible: Don't Play-Play!", helped the students get more grounded in God's Word and whetted their appetite so that they'll learn to read, understand and enjoy it on their own.

also thank God that tomorrow is Labour Day. hopefully i'll be more my cheerful self after a day of rest. =P

thank you for reading, and praying. 'til the next post, God bless! =)


Anonymous said...

cheer up brother. weather is bloody hot nowadays, sleeping in the office is kind of a good idea...

Andrew said...

u sounded busy.

now i appreciate my student life, cuz im working also.

hehe... soon will be going bck for f6.Yea!

kaki.ayam said...

brother, does the KTM derailment affects you?

siehjin said...

@andrew: yeah, working life can be tough sometimes! but form 6 isn't easy either... =P

@kakiayam: not really... i only take the ktm for a short stretch from kuala lumpur to jalan templer on the sentul-klang line, so quite safe one la. the derailment happened to the south of seremban if i'm not mistaken, as the train was going to singapore. so it's not actually on the tracks that we'd normally take on the seremban-rawang line.

still, it is scary to hear of an accident like that happening... and ktm's service seems to be going from bad to worse...