Tuesday, May 13, 2008


sorry for neglecting my blog! i've been trying to keep to a once-a-week update schedule, but i didn't post at all last week. =P

lots of things have happened since my last post. for one thing, my cough has been vanquished! thank God.=)

besides that, i did get to go to hadyai after all! =) i went up to penang on the 6.30pm bus on friday evening (2 May), had a joyful reunion with the wife at midnight, and went up to hadyai with her and The In-Laws early on saturday morning!

i had a great time with her and the In-Laws there. well, it was great because of the interaction, fellowship and bonding we had. hadyai is mainly about shopping, and that isn't really my thing. [understatement of the year...] oh, and the food was good, too. =D

here are a couple of pics from hadyai:

This is us in the Sky Restaurant, where we ate a pretty good buffet lunch
for just RM12-RM13. it's on the highest floor of the Lee Garden hotel
and has a pretty good view of hadyai all around! =)

And this is us on my first tuk-tuk ride! The Wife has been to thailand before,
but this was my first time =)

i got back to KL on the 8.30pm bus from penang on sunday night (4 may), arriving at pudu around 1am. my good, kind, generous sister picked me up from there and brought me to my office, where i stayed the night. i know it's beginning to sound like my office is my second home; this only happens when The Wife isn't around.

the next two days were taken up with staff meetings. but on tuesday (6 may), after the meeting was over, i was off to penang on the 6.30pm bus again! =P

i went there to accompany The Wife home on wednesday. otherwise, her father would have taken leave to do it. long-distance driving is usually safer and more fun if you have a co-driver with you. and now, she's home! yay! =)

all the travelling and meetings sum up my excuse for not blogging last week... heheh.

to end, here are some camps coming up soon:
1. IG Camp
- 17-19 May, Puteri Resort Melaka
- IG=intergenerational; the concept is to integrate the generations rather than fragmenting
- my responsibilities:
- leading one IG worship
- conducting one youth session (not every session can be fully IG, it isn't easy)
- conducting a session of IG games (serious headache... 200 ppl of all ages playing together)

2. Camp Chit Chat
- 26-31 May, SUFES Campsite Tapah
- School leavers' camp; the concept is to prepare students for transition into tertiary education.
- my responsibilities:
- coordinate trasnsport
- coordinate music and worship
- one session on exams and stress
- at the moment we have less than 5 campers signed up. closing date is 15 may and cut-off
point is 20 campers, so... doesn't look good. =(

3. BBBS CF Camp
- 2-4 june, BBBS
- i'll only be there 2-3 june, as it overlaps with the next camp.
- camp theme is 'Love of God', theme verse is 1 John 4:8
- as camp speaker, i need to prepare 2 sessions based on this theme... please pray for me!!!

4. Sports Camp
- 4-7 june, MGS Ipoh
- concept is evangelistic, using sports as a bridge and a tool to share the Gospel.
- my responsibilities are unclear. this camp is coordinated by the ipoh office, and not much
communication has been made.
- camper recruitment is slow. pray that:
- christian kids will come and bring their non-christian friends
- the camp will have enough participants to run!
- kids who come will be blessed, enjoy themselves, and be kept safe in all activities.
- kids who come will go home with a better grasp of the Gospel than before, and some may
be ready to accept and believe in Christ for the first time.

alright, that's all for now. 'til the next post, God bless! =)


Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

You are getting on weight! That person at the top left hand corner looks like your younger brother!

But then it's okay, married people tends to be fatter...

Take care.

sis said...

But The Wife is as skinny as ever!!! :P

Kelvin Lim said...

time for a haircut duncha think?

siehjin said...

sigh... same old story, no time to excercise... it's night-time by the time i reach home, after dinner,unwind abit, bathe, then sleep dy... that's y i'm putting on the pounds.

my wife has a ridiculous metabolism rate... it's just not fair.

yeah, should cut my hair eventually... heheh...

蔥爆牛肉Frank said...