Thursday, May 22, 2008

camps... again... haha

yes, camps again. other ppl may think that it's fun to go for camp after camp after camp, but this is part of my work and it actually gets tiring after a while. still, the joy of the Lord is my strength! =)

IG camp went well, overall. i didn't have enough time for my youth session (the topic was God's presence, and half an hour just wasn't sufficient to discuss the 3 questions i wanted to cover: "what does God's presence mean to me?", "what have i done to hinder God's presence?", and "what can i do to welcome and cultivate God's presence?"), and the games session was as kelam-kabut as can be expected with 200 campers of all ages playing together... but overall most people had fun, and hopefully most people also learnt something from the camp.

Camp Chit Chat, on the other hand, has been cancelled with less than 5 campers. i'm convinced that this camp (for school-leavers) has an important role to play, in helping youth in transition to discern God's will and make good decisions as they stand at one of the first major cross-roads in their lives. in an age of noise, it may also help them to learn to "be still and know that I am God". however, with the gazillions of choices that youth have today, it's just not getting the response that it should. in the post-mortem i gave the analogy of us selling a line of really delicious, juicy, nutritious burgers; but people just ignore us and continue buying mcD's and Burger King.

nevertheless, since we do believe that this camp has something of consequence to offer school-leavers, there are some constructive suggestions of how to move ahead: perhaps with a 3-or-4-day retreat, rather than a long camp; or perhaps a one-day conference. school-leavers (form 5 and form 6 ppl) who are reading this, please leave a comment to tell me what you think would best meet your needs.

Sports Camp has been postponed to the end of the year (10-13 december) with about 10 campers. sad, no? but hopefully it will do better in that slot. this mid-year hols just seems too packed with church, yf, and school camps... no space for SU camps liao.

so, now i have two camps coming up, which are:

1. Bukit Mewah SCF Camp
- 24-25 May, at The Farm, Lenggeng
- Camp theme is "Arise a Mighty Warrior", theme verse is 2 Timothy 1:7

- i have to prepare 2 sessions based on this theme... please pray for me!

2. BBBS CF Camp
- 2-4 june, BBBS
- camp theme is 'Love of God', theme verse is 1 John 4:8
- as camp speaker, i need to prepare 2 sessions based on this theme...
i have some ideas, but nothing concrete yet... so again, please pray for me!!!

let me end this post with a pic from last weekend's IG camp... this is from the final night's Camp Special. =) the King is the guy sitting on his throne on the stage, while i am one of the lowly guards...

God bless! =)


h0cmun said...

well i think what we can do is to introduce SU camps to churches,
many small teens groups are not aware that they could join those camps instead of making one themselves.

siehjin said...

that's a great idea, hocmun. we do try to publicise our camps to all the churches we know, but there are probably many others that we don't know...

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