Friday, May 30, 2008

Bukit Mewah CF Camp =)

the 24th of may found me at The Farm, Lenggeng with 42 young people from Bukit Mewah SCF! =)

the Farm is a really nice back-to-nature campsite. especially for kids used to the hustle and bustle of city life, it's an experience to be awakened by bird-calls in the morning. there are a couple of houses where campers lodge, surrounded by acres of greenery and fruit trees (it used to be an orchard). besides that, there are domesticated (caged) monkeys, a lemur, rabbits, tortoises, and dogs! =P

apart from being surrounded by verdant nature and exotic animal-life, the farm offered two other new experiences to our campers. there were a couple of fish-ponds at the campsite, and one of them was equipped with a boat and oars for campers to go boating with! this was a first-time experience that many enjoyed. the second one: we had to wash our own cups and plates for all meals, and we cooked our own eggs and ham for breakfast the next day. good training for those who've never had to lift a finger for themselves before! =)

Cooking Breakfast! yum, yum =)

apart from enjoying the campsite, i really enjoyed fellowshipping and speaking with this bunch of young people. although it was only a 2-day camp, i felt that i really got to bond with some of them. one major factor in this is that i already know many of them through previous year's combined SCF events, and also i've visited and spoken at their CF before a couple of times.

thanks for supporting me in prayer as i prepared sessions for this camp. my sessions were quite simple really; since 2 Timothy 1:7 has 4 key words ("for God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline.") i just concentrated on 2 key words for the first session, and 2 key words for the second session. throw in a couple of activities/games to introduce key points, and a couple of group discussions for them to discover and apply truth on their own rather than listening solely to me; and voila! 2 sessions were born. =)

Me speaking... =P

i do hope and pray that they'll take the messages which God has (i hope) spoken through me, and apply them in their lives. to overcome their fears with God's help; to develop and use their talents and abilities for God's glory; to receive, be transformed by, and show others God's love; and to discipline themselves to live God's way. but that's the Holy Spirit's work; i'll just do my best in presenting His Word, and trust that it will not return void. may He build each one of them up to spiritual maturity in Him.

there were around 10-12 non-christians among the 42 campers; isn't that great? one of the signs of a healthy SCF, is that it's reaching out to those who do not yet know Christ. i got to know the guys (6 of them) and am praying for them that they might be open to the good news of God's love and salvation. do join me in prayer for this bunch of young people; "Again, i tell you that if two of you on earth agree on anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in Heaven."

here's a picture of all of us:
Pray for us! =)

in other news, BBBS CF Camp has been cancelled for lack of response! aiyoh. this problem is not restricted to SU camps, apparently! so, i'll be going for Kepong Baru SCF Camp (3-6 june) instead. i won't have to speak there; my main responsibilities will be to open a book-table, to connect with students and teachers, and to share with them about SU's work and ministry.

i may not be able to blog next week, as most of it will be taken up by
Kepong Baru SCF Camp. so, i'll probably update again in a couple of week's time. 'til then, God bless! =)


Anonymous said...

the farm is a great place! :) only that terlalu banyak nyamuk :p

Lisa Kwan said...

hey i heard that u guyz had a great bro told me that..n chee jong did too (u know him??). nway, since i had been invited 2 this camp s well, was kinda regretting not going in the end. the only reservation i had was cos i'd already left bukit mewah like, 3 yrs ago n i'd feel soo...OLD. haha nway, ptl 4 a gd time of fellowship in the least!! ^^

yikyee83 said...

oh!!! THE FARM!!!

i bet u still remember our time there - kem keluarga...hahahha...

i miss the durians, the rambutan, mandarin orange...etc etc...n...the BBQ - lamb!! oh yummy!!