Wednesday, April 2, 2008

two speaking engagements

coming up this weekend! speaking at taman melawati SCF on the topic "Christ's Ambassadors" on friday, and at Cornerstone Baptist Church YF on the topic "Complacency" on sunday.

i have a dNa planning meeting at 2pm today, and the deadline for handing in and presenting our outline sessions for Camp Chit Chat is on the coming monday.

with all these things going on, i'm pretty busy. sorry about not having time to blog much. please pray for me ya. =)

switching to non-work-related-stuff: last saturday, chenmay and i went for a little reunion with some of my high school friends. we had chocolate fondue! =) here are a couple of pics for you to drool over:

the fondue... yum yum! =)

Friends! from the bottom, going clockwise:
me, The Wife, Michelle, Lavanya, Chung Ming, James, Gwen Ai, Malcolm.
Guen Boh, who was our gracious host, is behind the camera. =)

it was great to see these old, old friends again... to renew the bonds of friendship, and catch up on the years in between. =)

ok, back to work now!