Tuesday, March 18, 2008

ku sudah kembali! =)

if you're wondering why the title of this post is in malay, it's because too many of my posts are titled "i'm back!" already =P

ZMax Camp was great! we ended up with 14 campers, as one pulled out because of fever at the eleventh hour. however, as i said to tristan in the chatbox, numbers are not the measure of a camp! i would that God use me to touch the lives of others (especially youths) and turn them to Him; but it's not for me to dictate how it's to be done. we must be faithful in little just as we claim we'll be faithful in much; and even if a single person turns to Christ, the angels rejoice.

i wrote those paragraphs last week. so sorry i haven't blogged yet (to whoever's still reading) but i've been swamped with work!

before i list down all the things i have to do, let me share some great news with you: there was a group of ZMax Campers who came from a certain church: 3 christians and 1 non-christian. well, the youth leader from that church recently contacted me and informed me that the non-christian kid expressed desire to become a christian after coming back from ZMax Camp! =D

i know that for a servant of God, success is measured in obedience rather than results (see Isaiah, called to proclaim God's message to a people who wouldn't hear). nevertheless, my heart is cheered and encouraged because of this camper's response to the gospel. =)

now, what am i so knitted busy about?
(knitted is a cognate of darned. it's a joke. nevermind whether it's funny, just laugh.) here's the list:
- closing accounts for ZMax Camp. it doesn't balance by 40 sen! aarrgh! where could that 40 sen have gone? =P
- coordinating and preparing for our trip to seremban in April.
- clearing my email... i came back to over 200 emails in my inbox
- preparing for SCF meetings... i am speaking at various schools every friday up to mid-april. this friday's topic is prayer, at a school in klang.
- planning for camps in May/June. 3 camps there: a Church Inter-Generational Camp, Camp Chit Chat (SU's revamped School-Leavers' Camp), and Sports Camp (an evangelistic camp based on, you guessed it, sports)
- preparing for next week's staff meeting... it's my turn to prepare the Youth Ministry Updates
- preparing to speak at TOMORROW's prayer meeting... this one emergency, external speaker couldn't make it.

since i have my work cut out for me, i'd better get back to it. thanks for reading, commenting, and praying. =)

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