Tuesday, March 11, 2008

it's on!

indeed, it is. ZMax camp is on with exactly 15 campers. how cool is that? =)

there are 2 or 3 campers who are non-christians, so do pray for them to be open to the gospel.

pray for myself and my team of staff and volunteers who wil be running the camp, too. we're pretty busy with final preparations now.

pray for a fun and meaningful programme; for campers to learn something even as they enjoy themselves; and for safety, especially in outdoor activities like games, stream trotting, and the night hike.

pray for meaningful friendships to be formed and for lives to be touched and transformed by the hand of God.

will be going off tomorrow til saturday; leaving The Wife and Frodo home alone again. =(

may it all be for God's glory; may His Kingdom come, His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.


p.s. have u checked out the election results??? exciting changes are in store for malaysia!!! (hopefully). may God bless our land! =)


Andrew Ng said...

Hi Sieh Jin! Penang is now RED in color!

honchien said...

hey just dropping by to say HIE!!! i am keeping myself updated with post-election news. very excited!

siehjin said...

heheh... i really do hope that the rising of a viable opposition spells positive change for malaysia... =)

Eric said...

What's up, dad? Long time no see...though we see your sis at church...hope all is well!