Friday, March 7, 2008

today is D-Day...

...for ZMax Camp.

the day of decision: will the camp live or die?

i've been calling up every person who has expressed interest in the camp, asking them to confirm if they/their friends/their children are coming.

the cut-off point decided at our camp planning meeting a couple of days ago was 15 campers. if there are 15 or more campers, the camp will go on. if there are less then 15, even 14.9 campers, the camp will be cancelled.

at this moment, the number stands at 9 forms in my hand with another 4 promised; a total of 13.

there is still hope; a boy from last year's camp and his 2 friends, and the cousin of one of our camp committee members and his 2 friends. if one or both of these come through, the camp is on.

for now, all we can do is wait.

and pray.