Wednesday, August 6, 2008


oops! have left the blog cold again. sorry! =P

don't have time to write much. will just take this chance to update my 10-or-so readers (i know this cos of sitemeter) on 2 camps that i'm involved in running this august:

1. CSI Camp
- 16-19 Aug, tapah
- stands for Crime Scene Investigation... no la, Christian Scriptures Investigators, haha =P
- aims to help young people (who generally find the Bible boring and difficult to understand) get into the bible in interesting and exciting ways.
- pray that campers will leave this camp with a better overall grasp of God's Word, and that they will love it and want to know it better by using the tools we'll be giving them.

2. SOE
- 30 Aug-1 Sept, Batu Pahat
- stands for School of Evangelism
- aims to give young people the knowledge, skills, and heart to share the gospel and be an ambassador of Christ to their non-Christian friends.
- pray that campers will leave with hearts aflame to bring the good news of God's love to their friends, and that they'll be able to apply the things we teach them in order to do that.

preparations for these two camps are taking up most of my time and energy at the moment. have some other things coming up in september, too: a ministry trip to melaka, a uni cf camp, and a possible trip to kuala terengganu. i covet your prayers. thanks for reading! =)

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