Friday, August 22, 2008

A Letter to God

Greetings readers! i'm (as you can read) back safe and sound from CSI Camp, and trying to get back into the blogging groove... heheh

one of the activities i was in charge of for CSI was "Solo Silence in the Night", in which we gave the campers an opportunity to spend about an hour alone with God... for many of them, it was their first time hanging out with God for a relatively extended period of time. some of them reported that it was too long, or that they couldn't stand the isolation and went and stuck to their friends; but many gave positive feedback, and really seemed to enjoy the chance to just relax in God's presence and enjoy Him.

besides enjoying God's presence and creation, meditating on Psalms 8, and thinking about their relationship with God; i asked the campers to spend their last 15-20 minutes of the time writing a letter to God. and since i've already written it, i thought i might as well post mine here:

Dear Lord,

Thank You for the beauty of Your creation. i really enjoy it, appreciate being able to see and experience it daily. from the intricate sub-cellular workings of a blade of grass, to the magnificent grandeur of star systems and galaxies such as we saw in "Indescribable" - Your creativity and beauty simply blow me away.

But even more amazing is Your work in my heart and my life. as i reflect on my relationship with You, i'm very aware that it's far from perfect. i know that i'm still shamefully weak and prone to fall, especially in certain areas. yet as i look back on the journey so far, i can't help but thank You with a heart full of gratitude. You have been exceedingly kind, gracious, and good to me. your forgiveness and love have truly been poured into my life to the point of overflowing. may i never take You for granted.

Lord, i just thank You as i look back over the way You've led me through the years - from the way You first worked in my parents' lives; to placing me in a good Christian family; to the time of spiritual awakening when i first began to consider the Big Questions of life; to the place where i was able to decide for myself that You would be my God and i would give my whole life to You; to being built up as a leader and trained in practicing spiritual disciplines in my teens and uni life; to meeting and befriending and loving and dating and courting and finally marrying Chen May (that's The Wife to you guys); to serving You in Scripture Union and beyond... You have truly been amazing, wonderful, faithful, and true to me. please, help me to continue to grow closer to You and deeper in love with You.

In terms of maintaining and deepening my relationship with You, i pray that You will help me to continue being consistent in my Quiet Times with You. i pray that You'll help me to develop an intimacy and closeness with You that lasts throughout the day; a consciousness of Your presence that is more constant and unwavering. in time, help me to regain ground that i've lost in disciplines like fasting, bible study, and scripture memory.

Thank You again for all You've done for me. may i continue to walk with You and serve You all the days of my life. And Lord - please hear and answer my prayer and cry that You would do a deeper work and form a stronger conviction in the hearts and minds of all of us at CSI Camp.

Thank You, Lord.

In Jesus' Name i pray, AMEN.

I think God did answer that last line of my prayer, i trust in faith, for most of the campers who were there. if you prayed too, thank you so much. =)

coming up soon, School of Evangelism, Batu Pahat! got to prepare sessions! die die die! ...No la, won't die one... with God's grace and help, and your prayers. =P


Chea Ru Yen said...

=) Hey I dunno what comments to write're so Holy kaka...haha... God bless you!!^^

siehjin said...

very holy meh? haha. i'm normal only la, actually...

all christians are holy we've been set apart by God and made clean by Jesus' sacrifice... but we still struggle with sin and temptation. so, i'm just like any other christian lor...=)

Eunice said...

Wow. Sounds like the camp really went well. I guess putting down our prayers on paper actly helps us realize more things. Maybe I should do that more often. hehe. Hey! May everything go well in your next adventure! Ya la.. how can sieh jin die, not the series will end. haha. So, all the best and God bless!

akmj said...

hey just dropping by

siehjin said...

@eunice: the camp went well in some ways, and not so well in others. but overall, i think it's safe to say that in spite of our human disabilities and mistakes, He was at work there. =)

thanks for your encouragement! =)

@akmj: thanks for dropping a comment! glad to know you're still reading =)