Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Now you see me, now you don't

i pity The Wife.

just got back from melaka on sunday.

[ melaka was good btw. good food, good fellowship and ministry with teachers, pastors, and students. thank you for praying for us. =) ]

last night i had a Young Writers' Camp planning meeting. this means i had to sleep in the office. this means The Wife was home alone, again. =(

[ Young Writers' Camp is a great camp which aims to build up a new generation of Christian youth who can impact the world through the written word! if you enjoy writing, have RM180, and are 13-21 years old, it's a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and hone your wordsmithing skills. check out and come! =) ]

and tomorrow i'm off to kuala terengganu, and will be there 'til sunday.

[ i'll be speaking at a church in Kuala Terengganu. it's their missions month, and they wanted a young person who's in full-time christian ministry. i plan to speak about calling, and challenge them to see calling not as "going full-time one day" but rather "serving and glorifying God right here, right now". please pray for me, as you all know, i'm not experienced in preaching from the pulpit. ]

[ i'm also doing a bible study on Jonah with a uni CF there. please uphold me in prayer for that, too. and please pray for The Wife, who's left home alone yet again.=( ]

thanks for reading and praying. may God bless you richly, as you have been a blessing to me. =)


Chea Ru Yen said...

Now I see you, now I don't...LOL!!!XDXD!!! hehe.. God bless you =)

Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

brother, don't keep on say pity pity, but doesn't do anything about it lar...

you must make it up to her whenever you have the oppurtunity mar....

by the way, Pity and Sad are two different thing, u know... Instead of saying pity her, you should have said that you are sad that you cannot accompany her mar...

sigh...poking my nose into other people busyness...liao..

siehjin said...

haha, thanks for the comment kakiayam... no worries, i understand what u mean.