Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy not so New Year! =)

hullo readers! =)

err, i know this is twenty-odd days late, but... Happy New Year!!! =)

and this is a couple of days early, but... Happy Chinese New Year!!!=)

my apologies for not blogging earlier. things have been hectic around the office. for one thing, during the december holidays, the computer which contains the school's work database crashed. the result is, the entire thing is lost. so now, this thing which has been my bane and my burden since it was assigned to me, has to be rebuilt...

besides that, there are necessary preparations for upcoming trips to seremban (20-22 Feb) and sitiawan (27 Feb-1 March); events like the KL/PJ SCF Convention (7Feb); speaking engagements at a church YF in Shah Alam (also 7Feb), and PPBC (8 Feb); and SUSOM (8 Feb-9 March).

i just realised that i haven't mentioned SUSOM here before. it stands for Scripture Union Student on Mission. basically it's a missions exposure programme, in which the students will have a taste of full-time Christian ministry. after a few days of training, they will follow us around to visit and do ministry at CFs and churches. the regional trip to seremban is part of this programme, and we're also working together with SU Sarawak for them to have a week's ministry exposure and involvement there. we were aiming for 4-6 school-leavers to come for this; at the moment we have three, and the registration is closing soon.

well, enough about work! i'm now in penang, happily reunited with The Wife. she came here a couple of days before me. oh, and only slept 1-2 hours the night before travelling here, because i was rushing to finish an assignment on The Role of the Holy Spirit in Ephesians for a module in my part-time masters. truly God's grace that i managed to get it done, footnotes and all. but ANYWAY, now i'm here - relaxing, finally having time to blog, and hoping i don't overeat too much because it's Chinese New Year! =)

God bless y'all! =)


Lisa ^^, said...

Yeah.....Don't overeat. *coughahemcough*

Leo Koo said...

lol :)