Thursday, February 26, 2009

at least i'm consistent

as in, by spitting out this blog post as fast as my fevered brain can motivate my fingers to type, i am managing to maintain a steady pace of ONE WHOLE blog-post per MONTH! woohoo! =P

yes, i'm being sarcastic. i do wish i could update more often (oh those good ol' days when i was trying to update this blog at least once a week!) but i just don't seem to have the time... rebuilding the SCF Database is sucking up a fair bit of time. in addition to that, as mentioned in the previous post, i was in seremban for a regional ministry trip last weekend and will be in sitiawan for another ministry trip this weekend. so i've had a fair bit of sessions to prepare, too!

the SUSOMites [u know how in the Old Testament there are the Jebusites, Amalekites, Edomites, and Mosquitobites? now there are the SUSOMites, hahaha=)] are currently in Sarawak. they've split into 2 teams: 2 girls with Runa in and around Kuching, and 2 girls with Christina in and around Sibu. yes, it's an all-girl-power team. guys, where are you?!? rise up and come for SUSOM 2010 k! =)

last weekend the SUSOMites were with Runa and i in seremban. we had a great time of ministry, serving together with them; they shared their testimonies, organised games and icebreakers, did presentations and skits - good stuff. i also was "forced" to preach on sunday in my church... originally we had only asked for a 10-15 minute slot to do a presentation about SU and SUSOM, but on friday the church administrator called me to ask for my text and title! since it was too late to say no, i preached lor... and once again, no one stoned me. in fact, people were very encouraging, and scarily, suggested i preach more often! thank God for His grace, heheh. =)

i'll be going to sitiawan alone later, on the 3.30pm bus. i'm speaking at my old school, ACS Sitiawan, on friday afternoon; assisting in the Ultimate Goal programme with uncle Alan and the Camping ministry team in MES Ayer Tawar on saturday morning; doing a Quiet Time Seminar in my very own Wesley Sitiawan's MYF on saturday afternoon/evening; assisting in another Quiet Time Seminar in Chinese Methodist Church Ayer Tawar on saturday night; and visiting Wesley Sitiawan on sunday morning. whoa, packed schedule man! =P

ok, typing this has already taken up too much time. hope it helps you, my fast-dwindling readership, to know where i'm going and how to pray for me! God bless! =)


Arnan Koh said...


an updated blog... It is wonderful to hear from you again..

when is the next YWC??

And Happy Belated Birthday

Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

still reading ur blog, hehe