Wednesday, June 17, 2009

singapore and TUMC Camp

i had a great time in singapore. =)

i got to reconnect and ber-bonding with The In-Laws. =)

i got to meet up and catch up with old, dear friends in Singapore... people i value and treasure from our secondary school days in sitiawan. =)

i got to visit Singapore Zoo with The Wife and The In-Laws... the "open zoo" concept is simply amazing, and gives great opportunities to observe the animals up-close and personal. i left awed by the beauty, majesty and variety of God's creation. =)

i had a great time in TUMC Camp, too. =)

i learnt the names of some church members [which i hope i can still remember when i see them in coming sundays]. =)

i played saboteur, basketball, volleyball, and swam in the swimming pool. =)

i listened to sessions and thought about what it meant for the church to be a transforming community, while trying to help some of the youth stay awake. =)

i'll be doing the following things in the coming weeks:
- planning meeting for National School Christian Fellowship Leaders' Camp ~ 18 June
- speaking at an SCF in Taman Connaught ~ 19 June
- staff consultation, where we lay plans for 2010 ~ 22-25 June
- speaking at St. Mary's SCF ~ 26 June
- attending Li Yit and Lydia's wedding ~ 27 June

keep me in prayer ya. and drop a comment or a note on the chatbox to keep in touch. 'till the next post, God bless! =)


akmj said...

wah. sounds like a buzeeee schedule.

i had a good time w YOU KNOW WHO, tho it was short. will def visit u, at least i want to see frodo!!! ;)

siehjin said...

@angela: haha yeah busy. wat to do. =P

our house is wide open, any time you wanna come visit. =)

Arnan Koh said...

oh.. oh... do i have to attend the meetings??

Timothy K. said...

SABOTEUR!!!! but u were never one of them... lol

siehjin said...

@arnan: not this meeting, this one's for staff... still thinking about whether to call a meeting for volunteers, because some of them are from far away (e.g. alor setar, penang, etc) and won't be able to make it. will call you soon to talk about responsibilities at camp. =)

@timothy: i was actually... on the second day of camp. last day of camp takde, all normal-normal goldsuchker only. =P