Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Taman Connaught SCF

i had some problems going to Taman Connaught SCF the other day.

i got out of my office at 11.30am, nice and early. i waited outside my office for a taxi. one came along. i stopped it. after a short conversation, it went off.

without me.

repeat the above five or six times. what was the problem? every time i said "connaught?" they said, "cannot!".

by this time it was already 12.00pm,and i was in danger of being late for the SCF meeting. so i went back in to the office and asked around for help. thank God, one of my colleagues, Siew Meng, was kind and generous enough to lend me his car! =)

well, it was actually his sister-in-law's car, as his car was in the workshop... but that just makes his willingness to lend it to me all the more amazing, no? anyway, so i started driving to Taman Connaught.

not being familiar with the car caused abit of frustration and trouble. for example, every time i wanted to indicate a right of left turn i ended up activating the windshield wipers instead.

i'm also quite bad at roads and directions, so all the way i was praying that God would help me find the way to the school and help me get there on time.

i was driving, so obviously i couldn't scrunch myself up like this.
i think my heart was in this posture though. =P

and God was gracious to me; i got there safe and sound and without a second to spare. =)

i did a session with them about worldviews. just an introduction to the concept and to some broad overviews of different ones, which i hope will start them thinking and forming a true Christian worldview.

thank God for His hand with me throughout all this! =)

p.s. if you're wondering how come i can blog from staff consultation, it's because staff consultation has been postponed. why was it postponed? that's a good question. the answer is shrouded in mystery. none of us know. we just got a brief email to that effect on friday evening, without much by way of explanation. *plays creepy music*

the good thing about that is, i can go home to The Wife for these few days instead of being stuck, err i mean being actively involved, in interminable meetings. =P


Elena Lee said...

hahaha... connaught and cannot.. good one..

Lisa ^^, said...

Left or right - and you turned on the windshield wipers?? OMG I would sooo have rotflol XD

siehjin said...

@elena: glad you could appreciate the lameness =)

@lisa: the wipers and the indicators were on opposite sides to what i'm used to ok. it's a normal mistake to make when driving an unfamiliar car. still, glad i made you laugh. =)

hwei said...

Nobody's laughed at the not scrunching up to pray yet! Ahahahahaha~ There. Haha. The Wife. Like naming a sculpture. Hahaha. (e.g. The Thinker)

siehjin said...

@hwei: haha, thanks for laughing! =P yeah she's iconic: [The Wife] =D

hwei said...

Lol-ness. Haha.