Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Accidental Beauty?

hullo world =)

i guess no one is reading this anymore as i've left it abandoned it for almost a year (that is, 10 months or so).

the truth is, i was waiting for something momentous or extremely important or significantly life-transforming to happen before i'd re-start the blog with a bang.

unfortunately, no such event has occurred... lol =P

anyway, you might be wondering, what does all this rambling have to do with the phrase, 'Accidental Beauty'?

well, The Wife and I, together with The In-Laws, recently went to New Zealand for a family holiday. it is indeed a place of spectacular natural beauty, which inspired me to write the following:

Accidental Beauty?

Looking on
the sea:
it seems to stretch, to infinity
Gazing on
the ocean:
its' waves, constantly in motion

In my heart,
i do feel
a sense of awe,
a sense of wonder -
That we're a part
of this real
vast and raw
majestic splendour.

The hills!
one upon another, rolling
The mount!
austere and proud
head capped with snow above the cloud

Some do say
that this beauty
is just here
by accident.
What? no way!
That's just batty.
To me it's clear
that it was meant.

the first half of it was written on the interislander ferry, between the north and south islands of NZ. the second half of it was written as we were travelling from picton to christchurch.

well, things are getting busy as we approach the end of the year. some things i have on my plate are:
  • preparing for carolling
  • teaching membership class - they should be finished by early Dec
  • ongoing outreach to community youth via free guitar classes
  • taking steps to start another youth outreach via basketball
  • preparing for NSCFL workshop - 25 Nov, topic: salt and light
  • preparing for YouthQuake workshop - 28 Dec, topic: home wars
  • preaching at TUMC - 21 Nov
  • Biblical Theology Assignment, due Feb 2011
  • Islam Assignment, due March 2011

thanks for reading, and supporting me in prayer... i'm not sure how often i will be able to write here. so, 'see' you again when i next post here (hopefully it won't be another 10 months!)

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