Friday, November 12, 2010

how does one cow collate lameness? =D

i know, i know... i'm not supposed to write another post so soon. the thing is, this just came to me last night when The Wife and i were shopping... and i thought it would be fun to share it with the world.=)

i hope that (if or when The Wife and i eventually have kids) we'll have identical twin boys! then i can name them Karl and Carl.

"but why would you do that???" you ask. "it would be so confusing!"

well then, i'd give them the chinese names: Lay Shern, and Lay Ting.
then their full names would be...

wait for it...
*cymbals crash!*

Karl Kiew Lay Shern and Carl Kiew Lay Ting!!! =D

geddit, geddit? lol!
[in reference to the post title: MOOOOOOOOO! =P]


s a r a h said...



whoops. i should lower my voice. in the library. :P

Adeline Wong said...

OMIGoodness...Kiew Sieh Jin, please don't torture your kids this way lar!! They'll super hate you lor... well, unless they have the same lame humor as their dad lar :P

siehjin said...

lol... of course i won't really name my sons that la, any more than i would name my daughters 'molly kiew' and 'barbie kiew'... it's just a joke. =P

mil0chel said...

KENAPA!!!! aduhhhH~~ hahahaaa...

Cxtreme said...

and if he was half malay, he'd have the malay name latif

it shows how carl kiew latif you are...


deborahhhh said...

Sieh Jin! I think i have heard the molly kiew one before..

HAHAHAHA. I'm sure chen may doesn't agree at all!

Plus Lay Ting is a girl's name la :)

Mariel Nonis said...

hahahhahahahhahahahhah!!!!!! oh my goodness. Hi Sieh Jin Mariel here. glad to have found your blog. funniest thing i've read in a long time! :D

akmj said...

lame lame!

Liz ^^, said...

Ahaha, super duper LAME xD

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