Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Psalm 86:2b - Trust

Back to Psalm 86 again... to the second half of the second verse, which says: "You are my God; save Your servant, who trusts in you."

what does it mean to trust? the classic illustration is that of the man pushing a wheelbarrow on a tightrope across the niagra falls. trusting that he can do it isn't just clapping my hands and saying, "yeah, you can do it!". if i really trust that he can do it, i'll get into that wheelbarrow and let him push me across in it.

in other words, trust is more than just intellectual assent or lip service. it is a choice, an internal attitude of the heart that will be shown in external actions. it is having full confidence in God; as David says, "you are my God."

There are some situations in which we can do nothing, and we just have to be still and trust in God. then there are other situations in which we can and should take action, but our trust must be in God and not in our own efforts. He alone is my God who saves me.

so, as we go through today (or tomorrow, if you're reading this at night) let us ask ourselves:
  1. Do i really trust in God?... think about it, ponder over it, and then make your choice - in whom or what will you place your trust? in your own intellect, wisdom, skills and abilities? in other human beings, who are bound to fail you sooner or later? in wealth and riches, which slip through your fingers like sand? or in God, the Solid Rock of Ages, the Ancient of Days, the Faithful One?
  2. if i really trusted in God, how would it show in my daily life? ... think about it, ponder over it, and then if you have chosen to trust in God, make the necessary changes. start small - perhaps with a whispered prayer before delving into work tasks, or a pause for self-reflection when you find yourself worried and bothered about household financial issues.
but again, remember, even as we think about it, ponder on it, and try to apply this truth to our lives - our trust mustn't be on our thinking, our pondering, and our efforts! we must keep our focus on God - He is the one in whom we trust. it is only by His grace and with His help that we can grow in trusting Him. may He so lead and guide every person who reads this today. =)


Eunice said...

Hey Sieh Jin, good to see you blogging.. :) what a beautiful song you wrote!! :)
How have you been!? Hope all has been well!

blessings, Eunice

siehjin said...

hey eunice! thanks for dropping by here, and for taking the time to comment! =)

actually, i haven't written any posts for months... just don't have the discipline for it, i guess. once in a long while i'll think of something and blog it out... once in a long, long while, heh.

what about you? still blogging?

think i'll email you, in case you miss this comment. =)