Monday, September 10, 2012

Welcome to the World! =D

Verse 1:
Welcome to the world
Welcome to existence
We eagerly await your arrival
Into our lives, beloved son

For five years, we have dwelt in love
Enjoyed each others' company
But finally the day draws near
You'll complete our love and joy

So come, come into the world
This miracle of life, God has given to us
Come see, the beauty He has made
Of which you are a part
Even as your lifetime starts
Welcome to the world!

Verse 2:
We pray you'll grow up strong and fine
In body, spirit, soul, and mind
Maturing to fulfill your potential
and be all God intends for you

But most of all we pray
That you will know and love the Lord
Seeking after Truth, as we have named you*
for the Truth will set you free

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*written for Kiew Chao Zhen, September 2012. our son is due to be born at the end of next month. his name means "towards Truth". =D


Xiu Jing said...
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Xiu Jing said...

Congratulations in advance Sieh Jin! So happy for you and Chen May :D I'm sure many people would love to hear that song :)

waiyan said...

wahhh :) nice. when can we come visit? hee!

siehjin said...

wai yan, come anytime! just let me know when, so i can check with chenmay to make sure it's ok. =)