Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Precious Son

Verse 1:
My boy, i see you now
so cute and cuddly, lying there
my heart just exclaims, "wow!"
at your tiny fingers, your bright-eyed stare

but i know, things will not stay this way
you will grow, you're changing everyday

and i want to remember
each moment, to treasure
the time spent with you, my precious one
gladly i'll hold you
and feed you and change you
i thank God for you, my precious son.

Verse 2:
my boy, i see you soon
you will grow big and strong and you'll stand on your own
find your voice, sing your own tune
first you'll walk, then you'll run, then this nest you've flown

but for now, that day's still far away
so i'll hold you and kiss you and smile and say:

(to the Chorus!)

and i pray, that you will walk His way
you will love Him and follow Him everyday...


Eunice said...

such a beautiful song..! i can rly feel the emotions in the words.. happy for you and your wife sieh jiN! STay Blessed!!

siehjin said...

thanks eunice! =)