Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Milk Chant

Are you hungry? Your cries I heed!
If you're hungry then it's milk you'll need!
Are you hungry? Oh, yes, indeed!
If you're hungry then I'll give you a feed!

Take out the bottle and place it upright!
Open the thermos, screwed so tight!
Mix water hot and cold, yes that's right
So the temperature will be just right!

Now add in the powder, don't be rough!
One scoops, two scoops, just enough!
Screw on the teat, but not too tough!
Shake it and stir it, that's the stuff!

Now the milk is ready, to the cot we go!
Pick you up and put you down, don't start crying, no!
Put the hanky at your chin, tuck it there just so!
Open up, cause here it comes, the milk is here, yo-ho!

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